The Girls' Guide to Power and Success

  • 3h 47m
  • Susan Wilson Solovic
  • 2001

"Not bad for a girl." Have you ever heard that one? It’s a commonplace remark, and it speaks volumes about the gender divide that looms across corporate America. Despite all the strides made by women, it’s still a man’s world: pay scales are still skewed; too many glass ceilings remain intact; stereotypes run rampant.

To achieve personal power and career success in a male-dominated world, you’ve got to open your eyes to the disparities and make an active, earnest effort to change them. You’ve got to break past your own damaging self-perceptions and the self-defeating messages that bombard you...blend your feminine, right-brain savvy with traditional masculine characteristics of assertiveness and directness...and mold yourself into a more formidable competitor.

The Girls’ Guide to Power and Success will show you how. It’s packed with frank advice and hard-won lessons from Susan Wilson Solovic—a successful businesswoman and passionate women’s advocate—including:

  • Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Learn to cultivate the power of a "go-for-it" attitude.
  • It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Learn to strip out the hesitant "buts"; intimate details; and indirect phrasings—and assert yourself effectively.
  • Be a superstar—not a superwoman. Learn to delegate responsibilities and focus your time and skills on what you truly enjoy.
  • Look for companies that "get it." Learn to pinpoint companies that are committed to women’s advancement.
  • Color outside the lines. Learn to break through the mundane and think creatively.
  • Stop saying "I’m sorry." Learn to censor self-deprecating comments and needless apologies—and develop a strong, confident charisma in the process.
  • Get out your two-by-four—and learn how to swing it!

Uplifting in its message yet down to earth and entertaining in its approach, The Girls’ Guide to Power and Success also contains priceless, real-world advice from women across the country and from every walk of life—women who have learned to escape people’s limiting assumptions and carve out their rightful share of the business turf.

The struggle for gender equity is not yet over, and it’s up to you to take positive action for change. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career, let The Girls’ Guide to Power and Success launch you on your journey up!

About the Author

Susan Wilson Solovic is president of Susan-Says and a respected consultant, columnist, and public speaker. An attorney by education, her career has taken her from television news broadcasting to an executive-level marketing position for a Fortune 500 company.

In this Book

  • The Power of Expectations
  • The Power of a “Go for it” Attitude
  • The Power of 20/20 Vision
  • The Power of Communicating Like a Pro
  • The Power of Pizzazz—Creating Personal Charisma
  • The Power of a Blended Leadership Style
  • The Power of Planning
  • The Power of a Turbocharged Career
  • The Power of Balance
  • The Power of Advocacy
  • The Power of Money
  • A Vision for the Future