The HR Business Partner Handbook

  • 4h 22m
  • Glenn Templeman
  • Kogan Page
  • 2021

How do I balance delivery of the HR strategy with the needs of the business? How can I solve key people issues while also becoming a true strategic HR business partner? This book has the answers.

Packed with expert advice, The HR Business Partner Handbook explains how HR Business Partners can be both the go-to people expert needed by employees and the trusted strategic ally needed by the business. This book covers how to develop an authoritative knowledge of HR practice as well as deep understanding of what the organization does and its business goals. It includes guidance on all the people fundamentals needed as well as the importance of empathy, humility and how to demonstrate leadership on moral and ethical issues. It also covers how to adapt advice and activity for different stakeholders.

This book explains how to identify the root of an HR issue and not just treat the symptoms and most importantly, how to develop solutions that work for an organization and its people. There is practical guidance on how to develop a strategic mindset, learn what to start doing and what to stop. It also features an assessment of the common pitfalls and intra-profession challenges and how HR business partners should seek to approach them. Written by an HR Business Partner, for HR Business Partners, this is an indispensable guide for everyone wanting to excel in this role and drive improvement in an organization, its leaders and HR. Finally, a 'how-to' guide for HR business partners at every stage of their career!

In this Book

  • Introduction—A Well-Trodden Path Should Be Easy to Follow
  • Knowing HR
  • Knowing the Business
  • Adding Value
  • Always Listen to People
  • The Power of Empathy
  • The Protection of Perception
  • The Moral and Ethical Compass
  • Style, Service and Subservience
  • Humble Headlines
  • The Active Application of Procrastination
  • Say No to Strangers
  • Ever the Pragmatist
  • Strategic is a Mindset
  • Don’t Treat the Symptoms
  • Tell Me a Story
  • Don’t Throw Nuts
  • Progression over Promotion
  • Epilogue—Don’t Stay Too Long


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