The Ideas Book: 50 Ways to Generate Ideas More Effectively

  • 46m
  • Kevin Duncan
  • LID Publishing Ltd
  • 2014

Ideas are the fuel of business - it only takes one good one to make a difference. Distilled into this single, handy-sized volume are 50 of the most useful diagrams and visual techniques, many of which are used by consultants, academics, MBA students and smart managers globally to help them think of and create great ideas. Structured into five key parts (preparing to create ideas; generating ideas; generating more ideas; judging ideas; enacting ideas), the 50 diagrams are each visually presented and then explained in an accessible manner, including tips and advice on how you can apply them to your own situations.

About the Author

Kevin Duncan is a business advisor, marketing expert and the author of several successful business books, including the bestselling The Diagrams Book (LID). He previously worked in the communications and advertising sector for over 25 years.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • The Briefing Star
  • The Right Medium
  • The Table Plan
  • The Third Place Triangle
  • Got the Right Time?
  • The Duration Timeline
  • The Method Flow Chart
  • The Right Stimulus
  • The Homework Checklist
  • The Rules of Engagement
  • Three Good, Three Bad
  • Think Inside the Box
  • Eyes of Experts
  • Category Stealing
  • Picture Platforms
  • Random Word
  • What's Hot?
  • Different Light
  • Exaggeration and Deprivation
  • Analogy Springboard
  • Sticking Plaster Sentence
  • Conceptual Blending
  • Strange or Familiar?
  • Four Corner Walkabout
  • Outliers
  • The Unconcealing
  • Train Your Depth Mind
  • Pecked to Death by Ducks
  • Post-It Voting
  • Kill It
  • The Potential Pyramid
  • The Decision Wedge
  • The Judging Triangle
  • The Originality Pane
  • The Idea Relevance Map
  • The Idea Bravery Scale
  • The Chance of Success Axis
  • The Central Idea Satellite System
  • The Three Buckets
  • The Premortem
  • The Motivation Triangle
  • The Likelihood of Happening Pyramid
  • The Adoption Prediction Wedge
  • The Idea Priority Matrix
  • The Box Planning Process
  • The Responsibility Cycle…
  • The Announcement Circle…
  • The Panic Early Line
  • The Phased Enactment Plan
  • The Idea Energy Line