The Lean Six Sigma Guide to Doing More With Less: Cut Costs, Reduce Waste, and Lower Your Overhead

  • 4h 55m
  • Mark O. George
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2010

Create New Profits in Any Economy

In this difficult economic climate, it's vital to cut waste that can eat at a company's bottom line and boost efficiency at every organizational level. The traditional business solution in a crisis is to slash away non-critical talent and resources, often doing more harm than good. There is a far better systematic approach to doing more with less.

As a leading expert on Lean Six Sigma and business transformation, with a deep knowledge of its application in countless areas of business, author Mark George can help you use Lean Six Sigma to analyze your operational needs, identify high-impact opportunities, design and rapidly implement solutions, and create a system that will build efficiency and high performance in every area of your business. The Lean Six Sigma Guide to Doing More with Less can help you:

  • Improve operating margins by as much as 20%, ROIC by as much as 10%, and reduce the costs of goods sold by as much as 5% or more
  • Create "cost intelligence" that uncovers root causes allowing cost reductions without jeopardizing customer service levels and quality
  • Use enterprise speed, agility, and flexibility to drive step-change reductions in cost and enable competitive advantage
  • Identify and eliminate the costs of complexity in your business
  • Supercharge your legacy Six Sigma program, improving speed to results, increasing project values, and shortening completion times

With case examples from a wide array of industry, encompassing decades of experience implementing Lean Six Sigma in every economic climate, in companies of every size, The Lean Six Sigma Guide to Doing More with Less will give your business an intelligent edge in lean times.

About the Author

Mark O. George is a Senior Executive at Accenture and is the Global Offering Group leader for Operations Consulting in the Process and Innovation Performance service line. Mark has designed and supported dozens of enterprise transformation initiatives for Fortune 500 and 1000 companies that have delivered hundreds of millions in economic profit. Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company with more than 186,000 people serving clients in over 120 countries, the company generated net revenues of $23.39 billion for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2008.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Why Use Lean Six Sigma to Reduce Cost?
  • How to Use This Book
  • Find Cost Reduction Opportunities in Waste
  • Special Tips for Nonmanufacturing Processes
  • Design a Successful Lean Six Sigma Project or Pilot
  • Use the Voice of the Customer to Identify Cost-Cutting Opportunities
  • Make Processes Transparent to Expose Waste
  • Measure Process Efficiency—Finding the Levers of Waste Reduction
  • Improve Your Analysis Skills—How Understanding Variation, Root Causes, and Factor Relationships Can Help You Cut Costs While Improving Quality
  • Make Rapid Improvements through Kaizens
  • Think Transformation, Not Just Improvement
  • Transformation at Owens-Illinois
  • Unlock the Secrets to Speed and Flexibility
  • Reduce the Cost of Complexity
  • Look outside Your Four Walls to Lower Costs Inside—Developing an Extended Enterprise Mentality Can Help You Capitalize on Cost Reduction Opportunities with Suppliers and Distributors
  • Create a Pipeline of Cost Improvement Projects—The Secret to Protecting the Heart of Your Business
  • Link Projects to Value Drivers
  • Smooth the Path through Change
  • Establishing a Center of Excellence
  • Gaining New Perspectives on Deployment Cost and Speed Opportunities
  • Reenergizing a Legacy Program


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