The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Guide XL: Combining the Best of Both Worlds Together to Eliminate Waste!

  • 3h 4m
  • Jaideep Motwani, Rob Ptacek
  • MCS Media, Inc.
  • 2011

Looking for the latest and greatest methods or ideas in continuous improvement? Google “Lean,” “Lean production,” “continuous improvement methodologies,” “Six Sigma methods,” or “Lean Sigma” etc. and you will have pages and pages of links to solutions and promises to improve your productivity from a wide variety of educational institutions, non-profit and industry organizations, and consultants offering their services. Or, maybe you just want to find resources available that will enhance your current program. In either situation, this can be overwhelming. “Continuous improvement methodologies,” “Lean production,” “Six Sigma methods,” or “Lean Sigma” etc. boils down to a simple process of identifying and eliminating waste through Total Employee Involvement (TEI).

We would like to thank the authors of the numerous outstanding books that have already been written on this topic of Lean Six Sigma. Even though the Lean Six Sigma tools and the structured methodology discussed in this book are similar, we believe the focus on simple definitions, step-by-step procedures or guidelines, and digital photos and examples for each tool or concept makes this book unique from the others. This should assist any type organization, from manufacturing to healthcare to financial services, etc. in the proper selection and use or application of over 50 Lean Six Sigma tools.

The premise of The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Guide XL is that most potential improvement “ideas” within an organization are closer than they appear. Many of these improvement “ideas” are already in your employee’s thoughts - they just may need a little assistance in getting from “there” to actionable activities. The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Guide XL is meant to provide that “assistance” through the standard format provided.

The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Guide XL’s format is similar to the premise of a popular police TV show from the 1970s called Dragnet. One of Dragnet’s main characters was Sgt. Joe Friday, who insistently asked female informants to provide “just the facts ma’am” in an investigation of a crime. To follow on with that theme, this book is meant to provide you with “just the facts.” Therefore, we are presenting the Lean and Sigma tools within the Six Sigma methodology to better engage employees at all levels of the organization in getting those “ideas” into improved, more productive work processes.

In this Book

  • Publisher's Message
  • The Define Phase
  • The Measure Phase
  • The Analyze Phase
  • The Improve Phase
  • The Control Phase
  • Appendix


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