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Explore Adobe Acrobat, the ubiquitous document creation and management platform.


Getting Started with Acrobat Pro DC

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Getting Started with Acrobat Pro DC
Acrobat Pro DC is a PDF creation application that gives you both the tools you need to read, create, and manipulate PDF files. In this 11-video course, learners will explore the interface and its features to better understand the application, and learn how to customize Acrobat Pro DC and its interface to optimize their experience. You will begin by opening and navigating within the application, then find and open files. Learn how to navigate within a document by using a mouse or keyboard; apply different types of zoom to improve the viewing experience; and change your document display. You will discover the Read mode and Full Screen mode to improve your PDF's display; learn how to work with multiple PDF documents simultaneously; and learn how to customize the toolbar to hide or show tools. Delve into customizing the interface's appearance and customizing the tool and navigation pane display. Finally, explore how to configure the application display settings.
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Creating & Illustrating Documents in Acrobat Pro DC
Acrobat Pro DC allows you to create PDF files from different sources. In this 9-video course, you will observe how to transform files, web pages, and more into PDF files. In order to personalize its use, you can edit and illustrate these files. First, learn how to add tests, images, links, videos, and more to enrich the document. Once ready, you can print files or export to other formats. Begin by discovering how to create PDFs from single or multiple existing files. This leads into observing how to create PDFs from scratch and from external sources, then discovering how to combine several documents into a unique PDF file. Next, save a document in PDF or other formats, and edit PDF text by changing existing text and adding text in the document. You will learn how to add, edit, and remove headers and footers from files; add and format images and links on files; and add music and video files, as well as buttons. Finally, observe how to print documents and export files in different formats.
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Structuring Documents in Acrobat Pro DC
In order to improve your PDF files, Acrobat Pro DC provides a set of tools that allows you to structure your document according to your needs and improve your navigation experience. In this 11-video course, learners will see how to perform a search on a document, move through the document via the Read Out Loud tool, and create bookmarks to quickly navigate between pages, objects, and selections. Begin the course by discovering how to search for and replace elements in a document, and then learn how to use the Read Out Loud tool. Examine how to add and edit bookmarks; rename, format, and delete bookmarks; and create and use tagged bookmarks. Next, you will renumber pages in a document; rotate, move, and delete pages; and copy, duplicate, and replace pages. You will also learn how to insert new pages into a PDF, and split documents into separate files and extract pages to create new files. Conclude the course by observing how to add, edit, and remove transitions.
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Formatting Files in Acrobat Pro DC
Acrobat Pro DC has a set of versatile features designed to help you format PDF files and adapt them to your needs. In this 6-video course, learners will explore how to add a background and a watermark to enrich the document. If you need to consult other data or information sources while working on a document, it is possible to attach files or add actions to open files and web pages quickly. Begin by discovering how to add, edit, and remove actions. You can also add text or images as fixed elements to your document; these are called watermarks, so here you will learn how to add, update, and remove watermarks. You can add a background image or color to your files with Acrobat Pro DC, so you will learn how to add, update, and remove backgrounds. Also, explore how to attach and remove files, and add, edit, and remove articles. Complete the course by observing how to create a link to a destination.
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Using the Collaboration Tools in Acrobat Pro DC
Acrobat Pro DC offers users a variety of tools to improve collaboration. In this 11-video course, learners will discover how to send files out for review, and track their status as team members weigh in. You can also observe how to insert comments, annotate documents, and add stamps to files to clearly call out their status. Several other topics are also covered. Begin by learning how to find and add comments, and then how to edit, format, and remove comments. Observe how to annotate a file; add and remove stamps; share files via a link or an attachment; and manage shared files in Acrobat Pro DC. You will also discover how to share and review files, and compare two versions of a file. Delve into forms, and learn how to configure, prepare, and edit a form, and also how to fill out and sign a form. Conclude the course by observing how to send a document to be signed.
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