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Mayo Clinic can help you develop an understanding of how mild to severe COVID-19 is treated at home and in the hospital.  This collection is updated in collaboration with Mayo Clinic.


Mayo Clinic COVID-19: Essentials for the Healthcare Worker
Mayo Clinic COVID-19: Essentials for the Healthcare Worker is an online course that provides ongoing concise updates related to the COVID-19 disease. The course aims to provide learners with the latest updates and strategies to protect themselves and their communities, and to provide treatment and mitigation information to enable healthcare workers to better manage cases and mortality rates. Topics include appropriate community- and personal-level protective and mitigating efforts; therapeutics; correct usage of personal protective equipment (PPE); and discussion of special scenarios healthcare workers may face. (Published 4/13/2020)
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Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Live Webinar Series
Our experts will cover ongoing COVID-19 research at Mayo Clinic, including convalescent plasma trials, vaccine development, virology, infection prevention and much more.Upon completion of the Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Live Webinar Series course, learners should be able to:Discuss current research initiatives related to the COVID-19 pandemicIdentify promising innovative solutions for treatment strategies in COVID-19 patientsDescribe the expedited translational research related to COVID-19Describe innovative practice redesign principles to treat patients in a virtual setting. Shelter-in-place orders are beginning to lift in some parts of the United States. In light of these developments, Mayo Clinic experts will discuss infection prevention in health care settings and in the broader community. (Published 06/02/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: Point-of-Care Manufacturing to Help Fight COVID-19
When it comes to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayo Clinic is relying not only on clinicians, but also engineers. Supply chain management and manufacturing capabilities are being readied to help in the fight against COVID-19. (Published 03/26/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: Cardiac Risks of Off-Label Drugs to Treat COVID-19
A study published recently in Mayo Clinic Proceedings details information about potential cardiac side effects when using off-label drugs to treat COVID-19. Off-label means the drug has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat a different condition. Some of the off-label drugs being used to treat COVID-19 have a risk of sudden cardiac arrest and death. (Published 04/08/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: Critical Care Units Prepare for COVID-19
An intensive care unit (ICU) is a special unit in a hospital where patients who are very ill can be under constant supervision by their health care team. The COVID-19 pandemic has stressed ICU and critical care units in hot spots where the virus had spread widely. (Published 04/15/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: Inside Mayo Clinic's COVID-19 Research Task Force
As the SARS-CoV-2 virus spread worldwide, a race began to develop testing protocols and ramp up research. Mayo Clinic's COVID-19 research task force is studying the virus, predicting hot spots, and working towards effective treatments and a vaccine. (Published 04/21/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: Respiratory Therapists Play Critical Role in Treating COVID-19 Patients
COVID-19 was first identified late last year with a cluster of pneumonia cases caused by a new coronavirus. The COVID-19 disease process heavily affects the respiratory system, and patients often need oxygen support. The respiratory therapist plays a critical role in managing oxygen levels, placing breathing tubes, and managing the mechanical ventilator, when necessary. (Published 04/28/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: COVID-19 Research at Mayo Clinic
Thanks to its combination of practice, education, and research, Mayo Clinic has a strong foundation to respond quickly to a medical crisis such as COVID-19. As the SARS-CoV-2 virus spread worldwide, a research task force was formed at Mayo Clinic to review and approve research proposals related to the virus and the disease it causes. (Published 05/12/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: Convalescent Plasma Therapy
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Government is supporting a national Expanded Access Program to collect and provide convalescent plasma to patients in need across the country ( Convalescent plasma refers to blood plasma collected from people who have recovered from COVID-19. That plasma, which contains antibodies against the virus, is then used to treat others with advanced illness. Working collaboratively with industry, academic and government partners, Mayo Clinic is serving as the lead institution for the program. (Published 05/21/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: Expedited breast cancer treatment June 2, 2020
During the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing that hasn’t stopped is the need for cancer treatment. While patients might be hesitant to leave their homes for weeks at a time for treatment, there is a fast-track treatment option at Mayo Clinic for some breast cancer patients. Certain low-risk breast cancer patients can now complete their surgery and radiation in less than 10 days.
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: Medical Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Across the world, one of the biggest changes forced by the COVID-19 pandemic is in the field of education. Programs from kindergarten through postsecondary have rapidly moved to a distance learning model. (Published 06/10/2020)
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Mayo Clinic COVID-19: Expert Insights and Strategies - Online CME Course: Joy & Well Being: Reactivating Staff and Practice During COVID-19
Mayo Clinic President, Dr. Gianrico Farrugia made increasing joy in medicine at Mayo Clinic one of his top priorities. (Published 07/29/2020)
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Mayo Clinic COVID-19: Expert Insights and Strategies - Online CME Course: COVID-19: An Overview - Disease, Preparedness, Response and Treatment
This presentation provides an overview of the origins of COVID-19, mortality, transmission information, and insights on how to respond to a pandemic. Treatment options and information on vaccines in development are also discussed. (Published 07/29/2020)
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Mayo Clinic COVID-19: Expert Insights and Strategies - Online CME Course: Pharmacists on the Frontlines: COVID-19 Q&A
Since the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the practice of pharmacy has been altered to some degree in most, if not all, facets and pharmacists have been engaged in many aspects of the pandemic response. (Published 07/29/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: Will there be an At-Home Test for COVID-19?
Recently, the Food and Drug Administration paved the way for commercial developers to create at-home COVID-19 tests. While no test is yet approved for home use, a fast and cheap test could encourage people to test themselves routinely before going to work or school. Real-time results would enable infected people to self-quarantine right away, keeping asymptomatic people from infecting others. "It fits with the modeling that’s been done where if you can test frequently enough that you could actually start to dampen down, if people would quarantine, you could dampen down cases. And that, as you know, would be huge," says Dr. Gregory Poland, an infectious diseases expert and head of Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group. (Published 08/07/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: Back-to-school Recommendations
Whether in person, online, or a hybrid model of education, families and school districts are planning for how to safely teach students during the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter which plan is chosen by communities, this school year will be challenging. (Published 08/10/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: The Importance of a Healthy Mindset to Start the School Year
The start of a new school year is always a time that’s filled with excitement and anxiety. This year, COVID-19 is making back to school even more challenging for kids, teachers and parents. Whether in person, online or a hybrid approach, this school year will be different for students and staff. How can you and your child have a healthy mindset for this school year? (Published 08/12/2020)
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Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Live Webinar Series - August 17, 2020: Caring for Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19: Top Lessons and Innovations
An interdisciplinary group of experts from across Mayo Clinic’s critical care practice will discuss the key challenges in the management of patients critically ill with COVID-19, lessons learned and innovative solutions that have been effectively implemented within our health care system.
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: Strategic Management and Resource Team Helps Keep Patients Safe During COVID-19
In an effort to see patients safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayo Clinic developed a Strategic Management and Resource Team, also known as a SMaRT team, to help institute safety measures like universal masking, expanded cleaning protocols and use of virtual visits. (Published 8/24/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: Children, COVID-10 and Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome
Children can become ill with COVID-19, and sometimes they develop a rare but serious reaction called multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C). When this reaction happens, different body parts become inflamed, including the heart, lungs, intestinal tract and brain. More than 600 cases of MIS-C have been reported in the U.S. as of Aug. 20, most in minority populations. (Published 9/4/2020)
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Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Live Webinar Series - September 21st, 2020: Caring for Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19: More Lessons and Innovations
An interdisciplinary group of experts from across Mayo Clinic’s critical care practice will discuss the key challenges in the management of patients critically ill with COVID-19, lessons learned and innovative solutions that have been effectively implemented within our health care system. (Published 9/21/2020)
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Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Live Webinar Series - September 28th, 2020: Responding to Workforce Management Issues in the COVID-19 Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge employers with strenuous and rapidly evolving workforce management issues. A panel of Mayo Clinic experts will discuss the strategic response to workforce management and regulatory compliance issues, as well as Mayo Clinic’s continued core value emphasis on “the needs of the patient come first,” while simultaneously supporting a workforce in transition. (Published 9/21/2020)
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Mayo Clinic COVID-19: Expert Insights and Strategies - Online CME Course: COVID-19: Testing Options and Considerations
Brittany E. Howard, M.D., Chair of Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery within the Department of Otolaryngology at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, discusses the tests currently available for COVID-19. (Published 8/27/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: Remote Monitoring of COVID-19 Patients
COVID-19 patients may experience a mild case of the illness, and others may experience the most severe symptoms, which can lead to death. There are some patients who recover at home but are monitored as they're healing. For instance, these patients need to check their vital signs daily, including oxygen saturation levels, body temperature and blood pressure. (Published 11/23/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: CDC Recommends no Thanksgiving Travel
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday will look different for families across the country this year. As the pandemic worsens, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommends no Thanksgiving travel, instead asking Americans to stay home and celebrate only with their immediate household to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. (Published 11/24/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: Managing COVID-19 Surge
The current COVID-19 surge numbers could worsen in the coming days as experts prepare for a post-Thanksgiving holiday increase in cases. Increased positivity rates lead to more people needing hospitalization, straining the health care system and medical staff. (Published 12/01/2020)
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Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Live Webinar Series - November 19, 2020: Challenging Conversations
Thanks to uncertainty, high emotions, politicization and fatigue, communication with patients and families during the COVID-19 pandemic can be difficult. In this live CME webinar, experts from the Office of Patient Experience at Mayo Clinic discuss communication challenges and ways to enhance communication strategies and skills. Topics include delivering bad news from a distance; engaging employees and patients in masking and distancing measures; prioritizing bedside manner, and empathically responding to disagreement and derision. (Published 11/19/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: Isolation, Stress and the Pandemic Affecting Those With Eating Disorders
Eating disorders are complex medical issues, and the COVID-19 pandemic has created additional challenges for people who battle these disorders. For some, being home with constant access to food is difficult. For others, the lack of social support is a struggle. Now isolation and stress are contributing to an increased risk of people developing eating disorders. (Published 12/07/2020)
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Mayo Clinic Q&A: Social Isolation During COVID-19
As the COVID-19 surge sweeps across the U.S., it's crucial that people stay home and avoid gatherings to reduce the community spread of the virus. But for some, that loneliness is becoming an epidemic within the pandemic. Social isolation, especially for people in high-risk health care facilities, like nursing homes, is taking a toll on their mental health. Health care professionals say people have an intuitive desire to gather and seek companionship. Even introverts are struggling with isolation. (Published 12/08/2020)
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“Black Fungus” in the Indian Subcontinent: Prevention and Cure
Mayo Clinic experts discussed the probable causes of the COVID-19 associated rhino-orbital mucormycosis (“black fungus”) crisis in India, as well as therapeutic strategies for COVID-19 that can help to mitigate risks. In addition to medical and surgical treatment options, the role of monoclonal antibodies in high-risk patients will be addressed. (Published 06/23/2021) 
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