Database Backup & Recovery: Oracle 12c Intermediate
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Learn all about the importance of database backup and recovery and how to perform this key administrative role.


Recovery & Backup

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    Designing a Recovery Strategy
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    Backing up SSAS Databases
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Assessing Recovery Requirements
It is crucial that a database can be recovered in the event of a failure. Explore the different backup and recovery solutions available in Oracle Database 12c.
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Backup & Recovery Options
What makes Oracle Database 12c tick? Explore the Oracle Database Server architecture, process architecture, grid infrastructure, and DBA tools.
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Recovery Configuration
The Oracle Recover Manager (RMAN) lets you backup, restore and recover Oracle databases. Learn how to configure Recovery Manager (RMAN), and how to create a recovery catalog for managing database backup, restore, and recovery processes.
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Backup Strategies
You can backup, restore and recover Oracle databases using the Oracle Recover Manager (RMAN). Explore backup requirements and different strategies that you can employ.
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Performing & Managing Backups
As an Oracle database administrator, it is vital that you perform regular backups of the databases. Learn how to perform and manage different types of backups, including incremental, full, block media recovery, and encrypted.
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Failure & Recovery Concepts
The Data Recovery Advisor is an excellent tool to help protect data in your Oracle databases. Learn how to diagnose and repair failures using Data Recovery Advisor, and how various restores and recoveries are performed.
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Recovery & Availability
When an Oracle database fails, a restore or recovery operation will be needed. Examine how to perform different types of restore operations, including when the database is in ARCHIVELOG or NOARCHIVELOG mode.
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Recovery After Loss
In some cases, an Oracle database will lose files when a failure occurs. Discover how to recover from the loss of control, password, and redo log files, and how to restore a database to a new host and perform disaster recovery.
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