Establishing a Positive Work Culture

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Research suggests positive work cultures unleash greater performance. Learn how to create a better work culture in your organization.


Positive Atmosphere: Establishing an Engaged Workforce

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    Positive Atmosphere: Establishing an Engaged Workforce
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    People Are Key for an Engaged Workforce
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Positive Atmosphere: Establishing an Engaged Workforce
An engaged workforce creates a positive work environment that boosts productivity, encourages creativity, and helps you engage and retain talented employees. This in turn will make your organization more profitable and innovative, and will strengthen your employees’ work ethic. In this course, you'll learn about the benefits of engaging your workforce and of establishing a positive work culture. You'll learn how to recognize common qualities of engaged employees, understand what drives employee motivation, and recognize commitment challenges. You'll also learn how employee engagement links to the bottom line by reducing turnover.
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Positive Atmosphere: Establishing a Positive Work Environment
A positive workplace is paramount to your organization's long-term success. As a manager, you play a key role in establishing a positive work culture, and noticing when negativity takes the place of positivity. As a leader, you can foster a positive work environment by communicating honestly, respecting, supporting, and engaging others, and maintaining a good attitude. This course will introduce you to best practices for creating a positive work environment. You'll learn the benefits of establishing a positive and engaged workforce, its characteristics, and concrete steps to create one. You'll also explore how to recognize the signs and impacts of negativity, and how to take corrective action if necessary to engage employees.
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Positive Atmosphere:  How Organizational Learning Drives Positive Change
If your organization creates a positive learning culture that focuses on developing people, it will not only weather difficult times better than most, but will flourish in an ultracompetitive global market. In this course, you’ll be introduced to organizational learning and its benefits to your organization. You'll examine the role of training, knowledge management, and technology in developing employees, and learn about the pivotal role of the continuous learning. By exploring the essential elements and indicators of a self-development culture, the course prepares you to assess your current workplace and determine how conducive it is to learning. Developing talent will increase your competitiveness and create more satisfied, goal-oriented employees – which leads to a more profitable organization.
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Expert Insights on Establishing a Positive Work Culture
Company culture is a like a garden: You can have a dark, depressing place where people wilt and wither, or you can have a thriving environment that nurtures growth, creativity, and inclusion. Where would you rather be?
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Win the Heart: How to Create a Culture of Full Engagement
Employee engagement is shockingly low--but it's not an employee problem; it's a leadership problem. Bestselling author Mark Miller says it's up to leaders to create a workplace where their employees truly want to be--and he reveals four keys to doing it.
Book Duration 1h 24m Book Authors By Mark Miller


The Positive Organization: Breaking Free from Conventional Cultures, Constraints, and Beliefs
Using dozens of memorable stories, this book helps leaders to see new possibilities that lie within the acknowledged realities of organizational life, and provides five keys for learning to be "bilingual"--speaking the conventional language of business as well as the language of the positive organization.
Book Duration 2h 23m Book Authors By Robert E. Quinn


The Positive Workplace
Describing how positive priming can improve employee performance, this Infoline offers practical suggestions for achieving high productivity using a new approach called positive performance.
Book Duration 22m Book Authors By Kim Rowe, Patrick Howell


#POSITIVITY AT WORK tweet Book01: 140 Bite-Sized Ideas to Help You Create a Positive Organization Where Employees Thrive
By defining and describing a positive workplace, this concise guide will show you how to create a healthy, affirmative environment where every individual contributes, connects, succeeds, and thrives.
Book Duration 14m Book Authors By Lisa Zigarmi, S. Chris Edmonds


Practicing Positive Leadership: Tools and Techniques that Create Extraordinary Results
Describing the breakthrough results that any organization can achieve by practicing positive leadership, this concise, how-to guide features a wealth of specific tools and techniques for implementing positive leadership in five different areas.
Book Duration 2h 18m Book Authors By Kim Cameron


Coaching for Resilience: A Practical Guide to Using Positive Psychology
Presenting seven key strategies for managing stress, this comprehensive resource contains practical exercises and examples to show readers effective ways to deal with daily stressors that will enhance personal and work-related performance.
Book Duration 4h 19m Book Authors By Adrienne Green, John Humphrey


Positive Psychology at Work: How Positive Leadership and Appreciative Inquiry Create Inspiring Organizations
Focused on specific organizational challenges to allow readers to quickly find ideas relevant to their unique situation, this book provides leaders and change agents with a powerful new approach to achieving organizational excellence.
Book Duration 4h 29m Book Authors By Sarah Lewis


Permission to Speak Freely: How the Best Leaders Cultivate a Culture of Candor
Illustrating the benefits of candor, this practical book explains the inhibitors that cause it to feel unsafe, and provides tools for leaders to encourage their people and embed trust and openness into the foundation of their organizational culture.
Book Duration 1h 55m Book Authors By Doug Crandall, Matt Kincaid


Developing Mental Toughness: Improving Performance, Wellbeing and Positive Behaviour in Others
Full of sample exercises, case studies, and a unique self-assessment tool to determine your mental toughness score, this resource contains practical guidance on delivering techniques that will radically improve peoples' abilities to harness the effects of stress and pressure.
Book Duration 5h 37m Book Authors By Doug Strycharczyk, Peter Clough


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