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To establish a professional persona, you need to learn how to be accountable and manage yourself. Become your own best boss today.


Becoming an Accountable Professional

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    Becoming an Accountable Professional
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    The Personal Satisfaction of Accountability
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Becoming an Accountable Professional
Unless you're the sole owner and proprietor, everyone in a business answers to someone else. From the CEO to the temp in accounting, every employee has someone they're accountable to. But the judgment and approval of the boss isn't enough, by itself, to make a job rewarding. Everyone must also answer to an inner boss, a personal, internal voice that provides guidance on whether the job is done as well as you can do it. Accepting personal accountability means your setting demanding standards and committing to meeting them. Further, personal accountability is also key to successful business networking. It's a necessary part of building trust and relationships. In this course, you'll learn how to listen to your inner boss, focus on meeting your internal standards, and apply them to your work, your goals, and your future.
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Becoming Your Own Best Boss
Have you ever tried managing yourself? Perhaps you could be the best boss you've ever had. Through self-development techniques and continuous learning, you can develop attitudes and skills that empower you. You can manage from within and become your own best boss. Self-empowerment is the process of taking responsibility for your attitudes, behaviors, and actions at work to maximize your effectiveness. This course focuses on learning attitudes and behaviors that promote personal development. You'll learn to recognize and overcome negative self-talk, to develop your initiative and become self-empowered, and to take control of your own personal self development by honing in on your strengths and opportunities for improvement.
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Becoming More Professional through Business Etiquette
Discover ways to project a professional image, both in your appearance and in your workspace décor. Learn to ensure your personal activities, including your social media presence, don't negatively impact your work reputation.
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Developing a Personal Accountability Framework
You are juggling a lot of competing tasks.  Meeting deadlines, production targets, and business objectives are serious responsibilities. It's tempting, at times, to find easy ways out of fulfilling them, or to use excuses as to why you can't. But to be accountable is part of being a professional. Demonstrating your personal and professional accountability is key to your ongoing success. Building accountability is a process of showing that you're a reliable, organized, and dedicated person, and further, ensuring  accountability means taking ownership of your responsibilities. In this course you'll learn how to show leadership accountability, implementing strategies for setting goals, developing an action plan, and seeing all those competing tasks through to completion.
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Developing a Growth Mindset
In the workplace, there are two specific types of mindsets, or attitudes, that can either promote personal growth and resilience or hamper an employee’s performance. People with a growth mindset achieve ever-higher levels of productivity and can help their organizations thrive; by contrast, people with a fixed mindset tend not to develop professionally, and may hinder an organization’s goals. In this course, you'll learn about the characteristics of a growth mindset, such as perseverance, and how to distinguish it from a fixed mindset. You’ll also explore methods of developing mindsets for success, and how professional growth can benefit you and your organization.
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Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Stephen Covey points out that we choose how we respond to life's circumstances.  This course addresses the 7 habits: be proactive; begin with the end in mind; put first things first; think win/win; seek first to understand, then be to understood; synergize; and sharpen the saw.  
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Expert Insights on Managing Fear
Fear can paralyze people. Fear of failure, change, and even success are all real challenges that people face. The good news is, you don’t have to let fear rule your life. You can take control of your situation.
10 videos | 31m
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Expert Insights on Managing Yourself
You know you have a vision, but how do you make it come true? Being self-aware leads to being the manager of you. When you take control of your path, it can lead you wherever you want to go.
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Expert Insights on Mindsets
People can be quitters, campers, or climbers, depending on their mindset. But even a fixed mindset can be changed to one of growth, development, and learning with the right encouragement. Find out how to get to the top of your game.
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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Snapshot Edition
Commemorating the timeless wisdom and power of the 7 Habits book, this edition is presented in a highly readable and understandable, interactive format so you can enjoy and learn critical lessons about the habits of successful people that will enrich your life's experience.
Book Duration 5h 31m
Book Authors By Stephen R. Covey


Feeling Smart: Why Our Emotions Are More Rational Than We Think
Even though they may not behave in a purely logical manner, our emotions frequently lead us to better, safer, more optimal outcomes. This book brings together game theory, evolution, and behavioral science to produce a surprising and very persuasive defense of how we think, even when we don’t.
Book Duration 4h 28m
Book Authors By Eyal Winter