MIT xPRO Internet of Things

  • 9 Courses | 12h 22m 44s
The internet is everywhere, with numerous devices and appliances taking advantage of smart connectivity. Explore IoT and its opportunities.


Introduction and Architecture

  • 4m 7s
  • 7m 43s


Introduction and Architecture
Learn what the internet of things is and how it is structured.
10 videos | 57m has Assessment
Web of Things and RFID
Learn about the top layer of the Internet of Things and about how RFID plays a key role in IoT
12 videos | 59m has Assessment
Lessons From The Internet
Find out what researchers have learned about the internet since its inception and how it can apply to the Internet of Things.
10 videos | 59m has Assessment
Network Connectivity For IoT
Learn about network connectivity for IoT and how to make sense of all of the technology in today's world.
8 videos | 1h 4m has Assessment
Data Processing and Storage
Learn about the data processing management issues that are in the Internet of Things
8 videos | 1h 5m has Assessment
Localization and Security in IoT
Learn about localization and security in the Internet of Things.
17 videos | 1h 53m has Assessment
HCI, Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles
Learn about human computer interaction as it relates to the Internet of Things. Then learn about how IoT applies to robots and sensing technology for robots.
17 videos | 2h 5m has Assessment
Ubiquitous Sensing and Human Experience
Learn about how the Internet of Things is going to connect with everyday people.
10 videos | 1h 17m has Assessment
Wireless Technologies and Smart Cities
Learn about emerging wireless technologies that you can use for the Internet of Things. Then find out how to look at a city as a cyber-physical system
18 videos | 2h 1m has Assessment


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