Other Energy Sources: Nuclear

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Examine the design methods and dangers of nuclear power; and explore the principles behind energy storage technologies and power sources.


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Modern Nuclear Chemistry, Second Edition
Written by established experts in the field, this book features in-depth discussions of proven scientific principles, current trends, and applications of nuclear chemistry to the sciences and engineering.
book Duration 12h 3m book Authors By David J. Morrissey, Glenn T. Seaborg, Walter D. Loveland


Nuclear Power
With analysis of real-life, tragic examples, this concise book includes a comprehensive description of the various methods for generating nuclear power and evaluates the political, strategic, environmental, economic, and emotional factors involved in each method.
book Duration 1h 39m book Authors By Paul Breeze


CBRN Protection: Managing the Threat of Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear Weapons
A must-read for Health Officers, Public Health Agencies, and Military Authorities, this introductory text on NBC Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear Weapons (CBRN) weapons and agents leads the reader from the scientific basics to the current threats and strategies to prepare against them.
book Duration 8h 24m book Authors By Andre Richardt, Bernd Niemeyer, Birgit Hülseweh, Frank Sabath


Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry, Fourth Edition
Including questions and answers to test your understanding of the topics, this text introduces and explains the theory and background of the physics and chemistry behind nuclear processes and radioactive decay, examines the origin of the elements in the universe and investigates the key applications.
book Duration 16h 4m book Authors By Christian Ekberg, Gregory Choppin, Jan Rydberg, Jan-Olov Liljenzin