Working Remotely

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Working remotely presents a unique set of challenges that require resilience, virtual collaboration, and stress management.  Virtual work during a crisis adds additional complexity to your day to day working life. Enhance your skills by learning how to apply mindfulness, manage your mental well-being, and adapting to unexpected change. 


Facing Virtual Team Challenges

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    Facing Virtual Team Challenges
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    Balancing Blended Teams
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Facing Virtual Team Challenges
A virtual team can face the same difficulties as other teams, but remote teamwork also has unique challenges. In this course, you'll learn about tactics for managing teams that blend onsite and offsite members across time zones and geography. You'll be introduced to team leadership strategies for overcoming internal conflicts and handling collaboration and communication challenges. Finally, you'll learn how to evaluate and adapt your management style and approach to working on a team that is virtual.
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Contributing as a Virtual Team Member
Companies often opt to create virtual teams in place of on-site teams. This allows employees to work from home or remote locations. However, if not managed appropriately, remote working may cause breakdowns in communication, collaboration, and teamwork. In this course, you'll learn how to develop the skills you need to show team leadership and be an effective member of a virtual team. You’ll explore personal traits that are useful when working on a team remotely. You’ll also learn strategies to stay connected with other team members, and ways to manage your time and overcome the challenges associated with managing teams remotely.
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Exploring Virtual Collaboration
Goodbye e-mail and intranet portals; hello cloud-powered, integrated, collaborative platforms! Digital technology enables colleagues working on a team to connect and work together, no matter how remote their location. Quick, reliable communication enables and facilitates working together as people telecommute from home. In this course, you'll learn the benefits of virtual collaboration when working with others, best practices for its successful implementation, and how to choose the right collaboration technology. You'll also learn how to avoid common mistakes when rolling out virtual collaboration. And you’ll explore the key steps for leading and being a part of a virtual team.
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Sharing Space: Living, Learning, and Working at Home
The COVID-19 pandemic has made it seem like much of life is up in the air, with no end in sight. And now that school has started up again, it kind of feels like starting all over again. While it seems like everybody’s situation is different, still, we’re all learning and adjusting together. Whatever our jobs or titles, we’re all parents, or grandparents, or caregivers of one sort or another, and we’re all trying to figure out how to cope on a daily basis. And our kids are dealing with the same kinds of changes that impact us: a new workspace, less socialization outside of the family, less privacy, fewer ways to make the days distinct from each other, more worry and anxiety. In this course, members of the Skillsoft family share their experience, strength, and hope as we all attempt to balance our work and home lives while keeping our families safe, happy, learning, and moving forward, together.
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Navigating Challenging Situations with Diplomacy and Tact
You’ll likely face unpleasant situations or tasks at some point in your career. Communicating with diplomacy and tact in these situations can inspire confidence. In this course, you'll learn to navigate difficult conversations and situations. You'll also learn how to communicate a difficult message effectively, write diplomatic and tactful e-mails, and handle angry and manipulative coworkers.
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Forging Ahead with Perseverance and Resilience
Business today is a complex undertaking. Accomplishing tasks an staying focused on achieving your goals requires grit and persistence. An adaptive mindset helps you focus through the distractions, information overload, demanding pace, and the accompanying stresses that can often pull you off task. In this course, you'll learn to develop personal resiliency, adaptability, and perseverance. You'll explore the resources and people it takes to sustain perseverance, and you'll discover actions to help you build a work-life balance, sharpen your focus, and foster the resilience perseverance to  face and overcome setbacks.
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Organizations Change So Get Ready
Change can be disruptive, but adapting to change can also open new possibilities. A changing work situation can create a period of uncertainty while you adapt. A clear understanding of what organizational change is can help build your resilience and flexibility. In this course, you'll find out what can trigger organizational change. You'll explore common responses to change and the stages of reacting to change that people go through when dealing with organizational change. You’ll learn why it’s important to be resilient when adapting to change, and how to prepare yourself to get the most out of change.
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Organize Your Physical and Digital Workspace
Organizing your physical and digital workspaces is a great way to be more productive. When you declutter your workspace, you can improve many aspects of your work day, including your ability to concentrate, achieve targets, and become more efficient. This course will help you increase your productivity by showing you how to organize and maintain both your physical and digital workspaces. You'll learn the rewards of organizing your workspace and find out what a productive workspace looks like. You'll learn how to use your organization skills to manage your digital workspace. And finally, you'll find out how to make your new clutter-free life last by making organization a habit.
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