Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) 2019: Software Deployment & Management

CSSLP 2019    |    Intermediate
  • 18 videos | 55m 53s
  • Includes Assessment
  • Earns a Badge
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In this 18-video course, learners can explore how to deploy and maintain software and operations. First, you will examine pre-release and post-release activities to address factors such as pre-release testing, completion criteria, risk analysis, incident response, and disaster recovery considerations. Next, examine pre-deployment and post-deployment security testing, security approval, security monitoring, incident response. Examine concepts such as secure activation, environment hardening, and disaster recovery, in which testing is critical to test software and data recoverability, often revealing problems with system availability and data accuracy and integrity. Learn to perform failover testing to ensure that the failover mechanism works as intended, and to consider simulated disasters as a strategy for testing recoverability. You will absorb the basic principles of problem and change management-a process guiding organizations when modifying software or performing upgrades or fixes on software applications-as well as patch and vulnerability management. Next, you will learn more about working with backups, archiving, and retention. The course prepares learners for the (ISC)2 CSSLP: Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional certification exam.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    recognize steps to perform risk analysis
    recognize characteristics of release management activities
    securely store and manage configuration data
    identify the role of bootstrapping in deployment activities
    ensure secure installations using least privilege
    ensure secure installations using environment hardening
    securely store and manage security data such as credentials, secrets, keys, and configurations
    recognize the need to perform post-deployment security testing
  • describe how to obtain security approval to operate
    recognize how to perform security monitoring including managing error logs, audits, meeting SLAS, and CIA metrics
    distinguish between incident management activities
    recognize characteristics of problem management
    recognize characteristics of change management
    recognize best practices for patch and vulnerability management
    recognize characteristics of backup, recovery, and archiving
    recognize disaster recovery considerations as they relate to continuity of operations
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course



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