Creating Forms in Google Forms

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With Google Forms, you can create and distribute forms and surveys of all conceivable kinds. Discover how to create forms with Google Forms.


  • Create, save, and modify a google form on google drive
    Navigate the google forms interface
    Access the different text fields available in google forms
    Create an open question in google forms
    Create a check box question on your google form
    Add drop-down answer lists to your google form questions
    Add multiple choice questions to your google form
    Add a scale question to your google form
  • Add grid questions to your google form
    Add a date or time question to your google form
    Modify your questionnaire layout in google forms
    Reorganize the question sequence on your google form
    Apply a graphic theme to your google form
    Incorporate multimedia elements into your google form
    Configure the user settings and accessibility options for your google form


  • 5m 50s
    The Google Forms application in Google Drive allows you to create online surveys. In this video tutorial, we'll see how to access Google Drive and how to create, save, and modify a form. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 55s
    With Google Forms you can easily create surveys using a variety of different tools. Together we'll explore the various options within the application. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Adding text to a form in Google Forms
    4m 24s
    In order to add text to your form, you'll need to understand how the app is organized. We'll see how to reach the different text fields, including titles, descriptions, and simple text questions. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Creating an open question in Google Forms
    5m 18s
    Open questions can be useful in a survey, especially if you'd get more descriptive information. We'll take a look at how to create a simple text question or a longer question with space to write a paragraph or more. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Adding checkboxes in Google Forms
    3m 42s
    Checkbox based questions are extremely useful if your question can have multiple answers. This video tutorial will show you how to select the checkbox question type, and how to set up your predefined answers. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Adding drop-down answer lists in Google Forms
    4m 2s
    Drop-down lists are useful if you want the questionnaire recipient to select one answer from a predefined selection. In this video tutorial, we'll see how to create this type of question. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    7.  Adding multiple choice questions in Google Forms
    3m 42s
    Much like drop-down lists, multiple choice questions are unique answer questions based on a predefined selection. However, multiple choice questions display all possible responses underneath your question with a circle that can be selected next to each possible response. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Adding a scale question in Google Forms
    4m 56s
    Provide an opinion on a numerical scale from one to ten to ask respondents to rate multiple items. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Adding grid questions in Google Forms
    6m 5s
    Grid questions combine multiple variables or statements with a scale vector, thereby allowing you to collate extremely detailed information in a single question. You can configure rows to hold different questions or variables, and the columns can be customized to feature a numerical or textual scale. You can thus encourage your questionnaire recipients to provide you with a series of evaluations. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Adding a date or time question in Google Forms
    4m 50s
    Date or time questions allow you to receive specific data on a particular subject. We'll see how to include these kinds of questions in your survey. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Changing the layout in Google Forms
    6m 57s
    In order to ensure that your questionnaire is as readable and easy to complete as possible, you can adjust its structure. In this tutorial, we'll see how to insert page breaks, section breaks, and even how to create specific sections relating to particular answers that your recipients might give. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Organizing your questions in Google Forms
    4m 35s
    Once you've added questions to your survey, you can organize them in a number of different ways. We'll see how to move them around, how to edit a question, and how to modify or delete a question. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Applying a theme in Google Forms
    3m 52s
    With Google Forms, you can choose between various predefined themes, or you can customize your own theme. We'll see how to browse the existing gallery, as well as how to use your own images and add color to your surveys. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Incorporating multimedia elements in Google Forms
    5m 46s
    With Google Forms, you can use images or videos to further enhance your survey. Together we'll see how to include multimedia in your questionnaire. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Configuring your form in Google Forms
    4m 52s
    As well as being able to adjust the structure, questions, and descriptions in your questionnaire, you can also change the user settings and accessibility options, including whether your form is publicly available, whether the user has access to the summary data, and even if the user can change their answers once they have completed the form. FREE ACCESS


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