Final Exam: Advanced Docker Practices

Docker 20.10    |    Intermediate
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Final Exam: Advanced Docker Skills will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Advanced Docker Skills track of the Skillsoft Aspire Building Advanced Docker Skills Journey.


  • compare the features, benefits and challenges of using Virtual Machines versus Docker to deploy applications
    demonstrate how to configure AppArmor security profiles for Docker
    demonstrate how to configure Docker swarm and how to add nodes and deploy, inspect, scale and deleted services
    demonstrate how to set up and create a Docker Swarm, add nodes, deploy services, inspect services, scales services and delete services in a Docker Swarm
    demonstrate how to use the ManageEngine monitoring tool to monitor Docker containers
    demonstrate how to use the Prometheus monitoring tool to monitor Docker containers
    describe administering Docker networking components, services and containers
    describe and define Docker security challenges and how to configure security and Transport Layer Security (TLS) options
    describe and review Docker's lifecycle in continuous integration
    describe common docker issues and solutions to resolve these issues
    describe considerations for scaling and capacity planning Docker containers in a production environment
    describe continuous integration and how it relates to docker, docker hub, and docker compose
    describe how to manage Docker resources to help prevent performance issues
    describe some best practices for designing docker containers
    describe some best practices when performance optimization with Docker containers
  • describe some common docker performance issues
    describe some major Docker security concerns and methods for hardening Docker containers
    describe some of the considerations to take when planning for Docker network performance
    describe the Docker architecture and the Docker daemon
    describe the features of the Kubernetes container cluster management tool
    describe the history and purpose of performance engineering
    describe the purpose of the Docker Daemon and methods for ensuring it is secure
    describe the purpose of the Docker swarm
    describe the reasons and Use Cases for using multiple Docker containers
    discuss AppArmor profiles, what they are, and why are they important
    discuss orchestration and cluster management tools and services
    Docker Troubleshooting Tools
    troubleshoot common Docker communication issues and learn techniques to resolve these issues
    troubleshoot common Docker Container naming issues and learn techniques to resolve these issues
    troubleshoot common issues with the Dockerfile and learn techniques to resolve these issues


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    Advanced Docker Practices


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