Final Exam: Enterprise Developer - FSD

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Final Exam: Enterprise Developer - FSD will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Enterprise Developer - FSD track of the Skillsoft Aspire Enterprise Developer to Full Stack Developer Journey.


  • analyze logs using the ELK Stack
    "compare full-stack security testing best practices and apply these practices to your code
    compare popular CSS frameworks
    compare popular JS front-end frameworks
    compare SOAP vs. REST API calls
    compare SQL and NoSQL databases
    compare structural, functional, and non-functional testing and describe how it applies to database testing
    configure Angular in a project
    configure Bootstrap in a project
    configure container integration using Docker
    configure Django and Python
    configure Docker containers
    configure HSTS on web servers
    configure Node.js
    configure React in a project
    configure Ruby on Rails
    configure the enterprise service bus
    configure Vue.js in a project
    configure your webserver to use SSL
    create a MongoDB collection and add documents to it from a Node app
    create a new component for use in an Angular app
    create an HTTP server using Express and Node
    create REST API routes with Express and Node
    defend against clickjacking attacks
    describe the advantages and disadvantages associated with using the FSD methodology
    describe the basics involved in the FSD methodology
    describe the fundamentals associated with the Agile development methodology
    describe the various components involved in the FSD methodology
    distinguish the major differences between the Waterfall and Agile development methodologies
    generate a new Angular app using the Angular CLI
  • identify back-end languages and technologies
    identify cookie prefixing methods
    identify front-end languages and frameworks
    identify full-stack JavaScript toolkits and how to use them in your project
    identify how secure programming applies to Full Stack Developers
    identify JavaScript middleware frameworks
    identify OWASP's top 10 security risks
    identify pre-requisites for React installs
    identify responsive web design best practices
    identify test cases for full-stack API testing and the API testing approach
    identify testing methodologies and choose when to use each testing method
    identify testing methodologies and how they apply to full-stack testing
    identify the advantages and pitfalls of usability testing and identify the usability testing parameters
    identify the different technologies that comprise the MEAN stack and how they work together "
    identify the technologies the MERN stack consists of and how they work together
    install and configure Redux and dependencies
    install Express and related npm dependencies
    install Express for use in a Mongo app
    install Katalon Studio for web and API testing
    install MongoDB for use on a development machine
    install MongoDB on a development machine
    install Node runtime for use on a development machine
    install Node runtime on a development machine
    prevent caching of sensitive data
    prevent XSS attacks using CSP
    read and write data to MongoDB via REST API
    recognize how to React, and Redux work together
    recognize how to test various full-stack frameworks
    recognize the influence Agile development had on the Full Stack Development methodology
    use Express to handle HTTP Post requests


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    Enterprise Developer - FSD


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