Final Exam: Java EE

Java EE
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Final Exam: Java EE will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Java EE track of the Skillsoft Aspire Javanista to Java Master Journey.


  • apply degrees of concurrent access to the methods in a singleton bean
    configure a datasource in Wildfly that links up with a relational database
    configure a Facelet to display the results of a SELECT query execution on a database
    configure page navigation using buttons in a JSF Facelet
    configure user-defined and JSF built-in validators to check user input in a form
    create a client application that invokes a task configured with the enterprise bean timer service
    create and configure a messaging queue on a Wildfly application server instance
    create an entity class in an application that maps to a table in a relational database
    create a table in a relational database and populate it with data
    define navigations rules for a JSF web application in a configuration file
    define the dependencies and configurations for a simple JSF application
    deploy and test a JSF app that enables insert operations on a database
    develop a client application to locate and connect to a remote session bean and use it to invoke methods
    develop a method and configure the UI of your JSF app to allow existing data to be removed from a database
    develop an application that connects to a message queue and places text messages on that queue
  • develop and set up methods that are triggered once a user changes a value in an input element
    develop the backing bean and a Facelet with the UI components for a JSF app
    distinguish between stateless and stateful session beans
    download and install the Wildfly (formerly Jboss) application server
    download and set up an Apache TomEE web server where a JSF app can be deployed
    give a theoretical and conceptual overview of Jakarta Server Faces
    identify characteristics or components of the backing bean
    implement a basic stateless bean that returns text when a method is invoked and then deploys it to an app server
    outline the features, use cases, and categories of Jakarta Enterprise beans
    recognize the limitations of a stateless session bean
    render data in a tabular form using a JSF dataTable
    set a task to execute multiple times using a ScheduleExpression
    set up a JSF application to use JDBC to connect to a database and run a SELECT query
    use the inputText component attribute
    using the enterprise bean timer service to set a method to execute after a specified delay


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    Java EE


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