Final Exam: Spring Data

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Final Exam: Spring Data will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Spring Data track of the Skillsoft Aspire Javanista to Java Master Journey.


  • Identify the features of spring, spring data, and spring data jdbc that can be used to implement database operations from a java application
    use a jdbctemplate instance to connect to a database and run a query
    define an entity class that maps to a relational database table
    apply spring's rowmapper to operate on each row of a query execution's results and generate a java object
    instantiate and persist objects that have a many-to-many relationship with one another
    define database tables and their corresponding entities in a spring application to represent a many-to-one relationship
    configure database tables and their corresponding entities in a spring application to represent a many-to-many relationship
    enable logging in your spring application to view the translation of crudrepository methods into sql queries
    call various crudrepository methods that are implemented by default by the spring framework
    set up derived query methods that search for entities based on the values of multiple properties
    create a project that uses spring data jpa, hibernate, and a relational database
    set up a class that represents an entity to be persisted into a database table using spring data jpa
    load entity data from java objects to a database table from a spring boot app
    configure a crudrepository that enables basic crud operations on data
    use spring boot and spring initializr to set up a project that adopts spring data jpa
  • retrieve and read entities from a database table using a crudrepository's findby methods
    set up update and delete operations in a crudrepository
    search for entities based on patterns in a string property
    search for entities based on ranges of values in numeric and date fields
    apply the @query annotation to map queries to be run against a database to a method in a crudrepository
    define custom queries that bind to parameters passed to a crudrepository method
    define custom queries that can be referenced by names in a crudrepository
    execute a spring batch process and identify the role played by various components in the application
    set some of the core components of a spring batch application, such as a data source and transaction manager
    define an itemreader component to read data from a csv file and create java objects for each row in the input file
    recognize the features offered by spring batch to make batch processing easier and more robust
    develop a customized fieldsetmapper to load csv data into java objects
    create a batch process to read data from a json file and load it into a relational database table
    read data from a database and write its contents into a json file
    configure a batch process to transform xml input into csv


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