Final Exam: Mitigating Security Risks

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Final Exam: Mitigating Security Risks will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Mitigating Security Risks track of the Skillsoft Aspire Security Essentials for Decision Makers and Leaders Journey.


  • List the benefits of security governance
    compare and contrast the security risk of wfh and hybrid workplace
    list the principles of social engineering attacks (authority, intimidation, consensus, scarcity, urgency, familiarity, trust)
    describe the role of access control in securing data
    list the steps in the incident management process
    list the tools that can be used for network security keeping monitoring, detection, and logging in context
    describe the role of effective communication and stakeholder engagement in managing security risks from internal stakeholders
    list the steps in business continuity planning
    describe the layers of physical security that can prevent a physical security risk
    define an emergency action plan
    implement the internal and perimeter security controls
    describe the threats to information security principles
    describe the guidelines for conducting effective security training and security awareness building activities for employees
    describe the methods to handle backdoor attacks
    describe the methods used in effective reporting of security health
  • describe the methods to handle zero-day vulnerabilities
    compare business continuity and disaster recovery
    describe the iso 27017 cloud security principles to consider when formulating a cloud security risk management plan
    describe defense-in-depth
    list the types of it governance frameworks
    describe the signs of security governance
    describe the network vulnerabilities that can turn into threats
    list the best practices and guidelines to adopt for secure data management
    define incident response plan as the third step in bcp
    list the types of social engineering attacks
    define an incident
    recognize the security concerns for an organization when its employees work in a hybrid workplace
    illustrate using an example how to draft an emergency action plan
    define a secure workplace
    describe the guidelines to encourage employees to actively participate in maintaining the security


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