Final Exam: Python Novice

Python 3.7    |    Beginner
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Final Exam: Python Novice will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Python Novice track of the Skillsoft Aspire Python Novice to Pythonista Journey.


  • perform shallow and deep copies of Python strings
    use the Jupyter notebook server to execute Python code on a Mac machine
    create and initialize dictionaries
    use while loops to carry out actions while evaluating expressions based on numerical and string data
    return information from functions
    specify the similarities between lists and tuples
    evaluate multiple conditions for decision making
    recognize the function of associating an else block with a Python for loop
    modify and update dictionaries using dictionary methods
    work with the math module in Python
    create shallow copies of lists
    executing built-in functions with lists
    evaluate conditions involving primitive data types using if statements
    skip steps in individual iterations of a while loop using the continue statement
    pass functions as input arguments
    install the Anaconda distribution of Python to run Python in a Windows environment
    define functions
    implement generator functions using the yield keyword
    skip an iteration of a for loop when a specific condition is met using the continue statement
    recall how to convert an integer to a float, and a float or an integer to a string and vice-versa
    recall how functions work as objects
    code for loops to iterate over values in a tuple and the keys and values in a dictionary
    create floating point, integer, Boolean, and string variables
    create and initialize lists in Python
    include if-else statements and other for loops within a for loop
    identify when it is appropriate to use the break keyword to stop a while loop
    recall what it means to pass arguments by value
    create dictionaries with other complex data types as values
    implement a basic while loop and recognize what conditions can cause it to become an infinite loop
    create new lists from existing lists using slicing operations
  • use built-in functions in Python to perform operations
    solve various programming problems using some Python built-in methods
    create and initialize sets
    recall the syntax for defining while loops within a single line
    run the Jupyter notebook server to execute Python code on a Windows machine
    create closures that have access to local state variables
    specify global and local variables in Python
    run the Jupyter notebook server to execute Python code on a Mac machine
    create deep copies of lists where changes to the copy do not affect the original
    convey the fact that no action is performed under specific conditions by using the pass statement
    add, remove, sort, and reverse elements from a list
    reference global variables from within a function
    evaluate conditions involving complex data types using if statements
    use for loops to process the elements in a list and the characters in a string
    pass functions as input arguments to other functions
    implement function recursion
    perform shallow and deep copies of sets
    implement custom functions
    define closures in Python
    work with the os module in Python
    terminate a for loop when a specific condition is met using the break statement
    invoke a function from within its body
    recall custom functions
    implement basic concepts into some real programming such as conversions between datatypes and some Python built-in methods
    define and invoke functions with input arguments
    use variables in place of values directly
    define, invoke, and name functions
    use the else keyword
    access and update list elements
    identify how conditions in Python work


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    Python Novice


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