Final Exam: Software Project Analyst

  • 1 video | 32s
  • Includes Assessment
  • Earns a Badge
Final Exam: Software Project Analyst will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Software Project Analyst track of the Skillsoft Aspire Software Project Analyst to Senior Software Project Manager Journey.


  • Recognize the scrum approach to agile development
    recognize how the agile methodology differs from traditional waterfall project management
    work with a knowledge base using wrike
    recognize what pm tools are and what they are used for
    identify the benefits and challenges of instant and online messaging tools
    work with real-time messaging using basecamp
    recognize how to select the optimum pm tools for your projects
    recognize what communication means to a project
    work with kanban boards using trello
    work with dropbox file sharing tool
    identify the benefits and challenges of video conferencing tools
    recognize the relationship between the lean and agile methodologies
    identify keys to effective project communication
    identify key concepts related to the software testing process in software development
    identify communication best practice techniques and processes for software project management
    identify the benefits and challenges of project work management tools
    recognize barriers that may impede effective project communication
    recognize methods of communication in agile software project management
    recognize the benefits of the lean development methodology
    recognize key roles in agile software development teams
    recognize the benefits of the scrum approach to agile development
    describe a typical software requirements specification document
    identify the benefits and challenges of resource sharing tools
    describe the agile software development methodology
    recognize how to elicit and gather requirements
    describe the lean software development methodology
    recognize why pm tools are so important to successful project management
    describe key concepts related to traditional project management
    recognize key terms related to agile software developments
    recognize the benefits of the agile development methodology
  • describe collaboration tools in the context of pm tools
    describe the foundational agile manifesto underpinning agile development methodology
    describe the key features to look for when considering pm tools
    recognize key software development terms related to the software development life cycle
    work with gantt charts using teamgantt
    describe personal productivity tools and techniques in the context of pm tools
    collaborate using knowledge sharing tools
    collaborate using project work management tools
    describe collaboration tools and why they are required for successful project management
    describe keys to effective software project management communications considerations
    collaborate using resource sharing tools
    recognize the practice of continuous integration and continuous delivery ci/cd in software development
    recognize how to build product vision from a requirement or objective of the software product
    recognize the challenges to effective agile project communication and how to overcome them
    describe the importance of requirements management and list the four fundamental requirements management processes
    recognize where to obtain requirements template iso/iec/ieee 29148:2018 for use in software projects
    recognize the requirements of the step planning and list the steps involved in requirements development including gathering definition, analysis, and verification
    identify deliverables in the software development lifecycle
    identify special collaboration tool considerations for virtual teams
    recognize methods that may help prevail over difficulties in communication
    identify the benefits and challenges of knowledge sharing tools
    recognize considerations inherent in project communication with diverse teams
    recognize how functional requirements differ from non-functional requirements
    describe key concepts related to agile project management
    recognize how to generate user stories from a requirement or objective of the software product
    recognize that requirements definition is a process consisting of the organization, documentation, definition, and refinement of requirements
    describe pm tools used specifically for managing project work
    collaborate using instant messaging tools
    compare agile project communication and traditional project communication
    recognize roles and responsibilities on typical software development teams


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