Formatting Documents in Word 2016 for Mac

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Control every aspect of text appearance and structure with Word 2016 for Mac's formatting tools. Use color, effects, and intuitive alignment tools to quickly transform your text and make your document more readable.


  • Change text font and size in word 2016
    Use colors and highlighting tools in word 2016
    Use upper and lower case tools in word 2016
    Align your text in word 2016
    Add text effects in word 2016
    Modify paragraph spacing in word 2016
    Insert bullet points in word 2016
    Create your own list style in word 2016
    Organize your text into columns in word 2016
  • Use tab stops in word 2016
    Use hyphenation tools in word 2016
    Use text styles in word 2016
    Create your own text style in word 2016
    Create style sets in word 2016
    Create titles with wordart in word 2016
    Use different wordart effects in word 2016
    Change the fill style of a shape in word 2016
    Change your document's theme in word 2016


  • 5m 1s
    Once you have entered some text, you can begin to personalize its properties. Word 2016 allows you to change the font, size and format qualities, such as bold, italic and underline options. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 48s
    If you want a word or a phrase to stand out in your document, you will find Word 2016's color options very useful! In Word 2016, you can change the color of your text and even highlight certain entries. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Using upper & lower case tools in Word 2016 for Mac
    4m 31s
    Word 2016's case tools allow you to quickly and easily modify the case of your text. You can automatically insert capital letters at the start of sentences and also use them to toggle between upper and lower case letters. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Aligning your text in Word 2016 for Mac
    4m 13s
    If you want to improve the appearance of your document, you can use the align options. These options include aligning your text to the left margin, aligning it to the right margin and centering your text. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Adding text effects in Word 2016 for Mac
    4m 23s
    Word 2016's text effects can help you to make your text stand out. You can add shadow, reflection and glow effects to your text. These effects can even be customized. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Modifying your paragraph spacing in Word 2016 for Mac
    6m 8s
    Changing the paragraph spacing settings can improve your document's structure and make it easier to read. It is therefore important to know how to change these settings. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Inserting bullet-points in Word 2016 for Mac
    3m 26s
    Do you want to give some structure to your text? If you do, you may find the bullet point tools useful. In Word 2016, you can create more than one type of bullet point list. This list can also be modified manually. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    8.  Creating your own list style in Word 2016 for Mac
    4m 40s
    If the default bullet and number list styles available in Word 2016 are not to your liking, you can create your own multi-level list style. You can specify the formatting styles, the characters used for each bullet point, and even the indent settings at each level within your list. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Organizing your text into columns in Word 2016 for Mac
    4m 50s
    In Word 2016, you can organize your text into columns. This can be particularly useful if your page contains a lot of text and is laid out in landscape format, or if you are creating a magazine or newspaper document. You can choose the number of columns used, modify your column widths, and even adjust the spacing between your columns. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Using tab stops in Word 2016 for Mac
    4m 48s
    Tab stops can be used to adjust the layout of your text items, and even structure them as if in a table. This can help to improve the presentation of your document. In Word 2016, you can use the ruler to manually insert, modify and remove your tab stops. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Using the hyphenation tools in Word 2016 for Mac
    3m 33s
    If a word is too long for a particular line, Word 2016 will normally move it to the next line. If however you would rather hyphenate your words and save some space on your page, then you can do that instead. The hyphenation function can be switched on and off manually, but you can also tell Word 2016 to do it automatically. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Using text styles in Word 2016 for Mac
    4m 34s
    With Word 2016's text styles, you can quickly customize the appearance and format of your text. Using text styles means that you no longer have to manually edit multiple text strings in your document if you want to change their formatting. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Creating your own text style in Word 2016 for Mac
    6m 16s
    If you want to be able to re-use a particular combination of text formats, you can save your settings as a custom style. Once you have created a style, you can modify it and make changes to the saved values. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Creating style sets in Word 2016 for Mac
    2m 45s
    If you have customized a number of different text styles in your Word 2016 document, then you may want to use them to create a style set that can be used to apply those text formats to a completely different file. These style sets can be easily accessed and applied to your document. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Creating a title with WordArt in Word 2016 for Mac
    5m 49s
    Your document's title is the first thing that the reader will see. It's therefore important to get it right. A good way of creating an attractive and interesting title is to use Word 2016's WordArt tools. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    16.  Using different WordArt effects in Word 2016 for Mac
    4m 4s
    One way of customizing your titles in Word 2016 is to change the fill and outline effects that have been applied. You can, for example, choose from a number of predefined colors and styles, or even create your own style using the different color, gradient and transparency settings. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  Changing the fill style of a shape in Word 2016 for Mac
    4m 5s
    Once you have inserted a shape into your document, it is possible to use fill effects on it. In Word 2016, there are several possible fill effects, including textures, patterns and even images. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    18.  Changing your document's theme in Word 2016 for Mac
    4m 51s
    Changing a document's theme allows you to change the overall appearance for your entire document. The Word 2016 themes are therefore extremely useful for changing the overall appearance of your document. Once you have applied a theme, you can also make manual adjustments and choose the individual components that you wish to use. FREE ACCESS


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