Formatting Presentations in PowerPoint iPad

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Presentations are more effective when having visual impact. Explore the ways you can polish your presentation, from working with color and fill effects to text alignment and lists.


  • change your text's size and font in PowerPoint for iPad
    add color to your text in PowerPoint for iPad
    add a fill effect to your shapes in PowerPoint for iPad
  • align your text in PowerPoint for iPad
    put your text into columns in PowerPoint for iPad
    create numbered and bulleted lists in PowerPoint for iPad


  • 6m
    In PowerPoint for iPad, you can change how your text appears in your document by using the font and size settings. You can also add different text effects, such as italics, underline, bold as well as the WordArt Style choices. This can help you make certain text elements stand out in your presentation. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 21s
    One way of making text and titles stand out in your slides is to add a splash of color to your presentation. PowerPoint for iPad allows you to not only add color to your text characters, but to apply a fill effect to your textbox as well. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Adding a fill effect to your shapes in PowerPoint iPad
    4m 38s
    The shapes that you have inserted into your PowerPoint for iPad presentation can be edited and filled in. You can use preset shape styles or select your own fill effects color based on your presentation's theme or the standard color palette. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Aligning your text in PowerPoint iPad
    5m 59s
    Once you have inserted some text into your PowerPoint presentation, you can begin to adjust its position within its textbox. You can left align, right align or center the entire textbox. You can also align individual text selections within the box. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Putting your text into columns in PowerPoint iPad
    4m 8s
    You don’t have to create multiple text boxes in order to organize your paragraph into columns. PowerPoint for iPad can do it for you automatically and you can even manage the column spacing. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Creating numbered & bullet lists in PowerPoint iPad
    Numbered or bullet lists are a good way to organize your text. With PowerPoint for iPad you can automatically create these lists and change their appearance according to the type of list you want to use. FREE ACCESS


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