Illustrating Web Pages in SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online    |    Intermediate
  • 10 videos | 44m 55s
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If you would like to illustrate your SharePoint page further, you can add additional items. In this 10-video course, recorded in a SharePoint Online environment, learners will discover how to organize data by adding tables, and include media such as images and videos to present information in a more visually pleasing way. Begin this course by observing how to insert a table by using SharePoint, which has a number of different tools to insert and modify your table. Next, learn how to format your table; insert an image, and insert a multimedia file. Also explore another way of integrating video into your SharePoint page by using online media. Learn how to add a hyperlink; insert a file, and a map. This leads learners into observing how to add a web part, which is a very useful tool if you want to integrate additional content into your site page. Finally, the course covers editing or customizing a web part.


  • insert a table
    format your table
    insert an image
    insert a multimedia file
    share an online video
  • add a hyperlink
    insert a file
    insert a map
    add a Web Part
    edit a Web Part


  • 4m 24s
    One way of organizing data values that you want to include in your SharePoint page is to use a table. A table gives you a clear structure of columns and rows that can be very helpful when organizing statistics, records and data entries. SharePoint features a number of different tools for inserting and modifying your table. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 29s
    Once you have inserted a table into your SharePoint page, you can begin formatting it and adjusting its design. SharePoint features a number of different styles that can be used to change the overall appearance of your table, and it is even possible to format individual cell contents using standard text formatting tools. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Inserting an image in SharePoint Online
    5m 2s
    Sometimes it can be very helpful to include an image or photo to help illustrate a point that you are making. Images can be added to your site page in a number of different ways. You can, for example, reuse an image that you have already uploaded to SharePoint, or upload a file from your local drive. You can even import an image using a web address. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Inserting a multimedia file in SharePoint Online
    3m 44s
    As well as images, it is also possible to illustrate your site pages with multimedia elements, including videos and audio files. As with images, you can use files that are stored on SharePoint already. You can also select and upload a file from your computer. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Sharing an online video in SharePoint Online
    4m 31s
    Another way of integrating video into your SharePoint page is to use online media. A video that is hosted online can be added to your page in two ways: you can either use the URL to create a link to the video, or embed the video into the page itself using a code. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Adding a hyperlink in SharePoint Online
    4m 41s
    If you want to include website or email addresses in your team site pages, you will need to know how to use hyperlinks. SharePoint will automatically recognize correctly-formatted addresses, but it is also possible to add your own hyperlinks to specific text selections. It is even possible to include a link to a document that you have previously uploaded to SharePoint. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Inserting a file in SharePoint Online
    4m 22s
    If you need to share a document with other users on SharePoint, you can insert a link to it in your team site page. The document can then be accessed and downloaded simply by clicking on the hyperlink. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Inserting a map in SharePoint Online
    4m 51s
    When organizing an event or meeting, it can sometimes be useful to include directions or a map showing individuals where to go. If you want to do this for an event you are writing about on your SharePoint team site, you can use the integrated Bing Maps function to insert the address. If the Bing Maps function is not available, you can still insert a map using the service's embed code. This technique works for both Bing and Google Maps. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Adding Web Parts in SharePoint Online
    4m 22s
    A Web Part is a very useful tool if you want to integrate additional content into your site page. This content can be taken from lists, libraries, and multimedia pages already on your SharePoint portal. The Web Part tool can also be used to change the way in which you display your content: you can, for example, add your image library to your page as a slide show. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Editing a Web Part in SharePoint Online
    4m 29s
    Once you have inserted a Web Part into your SharePoint page, you can customize it. You can, for example, rename the item, change how it is displayed, and even adjust how visitors to the page can interact with it. The options that are available to you will depend to a large extent on the type of Web Part you have inserted. FREE ACCESS


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