Installing & Setting Up the Application in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020    |    Beginner
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The QuickBooks Pro 2020 interface unlocks the door to a powerful accounting system for businesses of all sizes. Explore the QuickBooks Pro 2020 interface, and discover how to set up a new company and perform basic transactions as well as simple administrative tasks.


  • Describe quickbooks pro and basic accounting concepts
    Perform a quickbooks pro and quickbooks server manager installation
    Describe how to keep quickbooks up-to-date
    Perform a quickbooks configuration using application preferences
    Configure and work with the quickbooks server manager
    Describe the quickbooks interface and its various aspects
  • Describe how to set up a new company and choose initial settings
    Enter customers, sales items, and bank accounts in quickbooks after the creation of a new company file
    Describe the quickbooks home page
    Describe how to reset the company file admin password
    Upgrade a company file created in an earlier version of quickbooks to the current version


  • 6m 9s
    To be able to use QuickBooks Pro 2020 you will first need to become familiar with some accounting basics. In this video, you will learn about QuickBooks Pro 2020 and gain insight into basic accounting concepts. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 20s
    When purchasing QuickBooks Pro for the desktop, you can either buy it off the shelf or online. During the installation process, you'll need to specify how you will use the software; either locally on the computer you're installing it on, locally but with the company files stored elsewhere, or as just the server manager to store and provide the QuickBooks company files to other computers on the network. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Keeping QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 up-to-date
    3m 47s
    As with all applications, the QuickBooks Pro desktop software will require occasional updates. Whether you've just installed QuickBooks desktop for the first time or have been using it for a while, it's always a good idea to check for updates and install them as soon as possible. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Setting and using QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 preferences
    2m 43s
    Even the most tedious of business accounting tasks can be simplified and be made more efficient by customizing the QuickBooks application preferences to suit your accounting needs. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Using the QuickBooks Server Manager in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    5m 50s
    The QuickBooks Server Manager lets you assign resources to multiple users company wide and manage who has access to what. This is very handy when sharing company-specific files with other users within the company. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Navigating the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 interface
    2m 49s
    The QuickBooks interface is extremely robust and feature rich and it may take some time to get to know it. In this video, you'll familiarize yourself with the four main components of the interface and the purpose of each: the drop-down menu, the Shortcuts pane, the Do More section, and Home. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Setting up a new company in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    4m 17s
    If you've got an instance of QuickBooks Server Manager installed and running that's hosting company files, you can use it to set up a new company instance or choose to restore an existing company file from a backup. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Performing the first-time setup in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    5m 54s
    When you launch QuickBooks for the first time, you may need to set up a new company and configure it for use. Depending on the settings you specify, such as what kind of company it is, you get to choose from a range of categories of features that may be relevant to you. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Getting the most out of QuickBooks Home in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    3m 25s
    The QuickBooks Home page forms the hub of all of your primary accounting work. It contains the relevant aspects of your business accounts, divided into five areas: vendors, customers, employees, company, and banking. These five sections pertain to all business accounting activities. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Performing an admin password reset in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    2m 59s
    With QuickBooks Pro 2020, resetting an administrator user password can now be done without needing to enter a long list of authentication information like you would have needed to do in earlier versions. In QuickBooks Pro 2020, you can choose your email from a list of the email accounts registered to your QuickBooks account and then enter a token you’ll receive via email to reset the Admin password. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Upgrading a QuickBooks company file from earlier versions in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    4m 3s
    Working with a company file that was created in an earlier version of QuickBooks Pro has never been easier. QuickBooks now includes upgrade functionality that's dedicated to performing a company file upgrade so you can continue working with your company file data regardless what version of the accounting software you originally created the company file in. FREE ACCESS


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