Keeping Track of Activities in Dynamics 365 for Sales

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Keep track of activities with Dynamics 365 Sales. In this course, see how to make phone log notes, and how to add documents and notes to a record. View and publish posts directly from a record, or via the What's New area. Send emails and links. Send bulk emails. Create email templates. Create a task. Schedule appointments and meetings. Track your calls, meetings, and tasks via the Activity Area. Use the calendar to set your daily agenda as well as schedule appointments and activities.


  • Adding & tracking phone calls
    Adding notes & documents
    Using posts
    Creating email templates
    Emailing a contact
  • Sending bulk mailouts
    Creating a task
    Setting up an appointment
    Creating & managing activities
    Using the calendar


  • 6m 24s
    In Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can keep track of all contact and activities regarding a potential customer. Keeping a history of what actions have been taken to develop a sale allows you to know what steps have already been taken and which ones need to be taken in the future to continue nurturing the sale and eventually close on it. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 49s
    In Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can add notes to a record from the Notes tab in the Summary section. You can add information about a certain customer or account and include whatever information you would like. This way anyone who has access to the particular record will be able to stay up to date on its status and progress. It is also possible to attach files to a note and share them with the other users who have access to the record. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Using posts in Dynamics 365 for Sales
    6m 12s
    In Microsoft Dynamics 365, there are different types of activity feeds that users can use to interact with each other and the different available sales records. You can view and publish posts directly from a record or via the What's New area. You will see how to use the post feature from these two different locations in the Sales app. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Creating email templates in Dynamics 365 for Sales
    5m 56s
    In Microsoft Dynamics 365, email templates can help you save time when creating multiple email messages to send to your coworkers. Email templates contain pre-filled data that you can specify so you do not have to re-enter the same information each time. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Emailing a contact in Dynamics 365 for Sales
    5m 58s
    In Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can easily send an email to a contact via the record form or via the Activities area. You can also email a link to your coworkers or team members that will give them access to a particular record. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Sending bulk mailouts in Dynamics 365 for Sales
    5m 18s
    In Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can use email templates in a campaign or quick campaign, or you can send a direct email to multiple contacts. Using a template allows you to save time and any data fields that you set in the template, such as a customer's name, will be personalized for each email sent to a contact. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Creating a task in Dynamics 365 for Sales
    5m 58s
    In Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can create tasks for specific records or accounts. For each task, you can add a description and even a due date if the task needs to get done by a certain time. Each task is assigned to a specific record and is added to the record's Activities thread once the task has been created and saved. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Setting up an appointment in Dynamics 365 for Sales
    6m 52s
    You can schedule an appointment in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to keep track of your sales team's schedule and meetings. Once you schedule an appointment, it will appear in the Activities area as well as in the Activities tab for the record it relates to, such as a contact or account. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Creating & managing activities in Dynamics 365 for Sales
    6m 29s
    You can create a number of different activities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 such as tasks, appointments and phone calls. You can create a new activity from various locations in the Dynamics interface and can manage your activities via the Activities area. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Using the calendar in Dynamics 365 for Sales
    5m 9s
    In Microsoft Dynamics, all your appointments and service activities appear in your calendar. You can use the calendar to see your agenda in a daily, weekly and monthly view and can create a new appointment or service activity directly from the calendar area. FREE ACCESS


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