Making Difficult Conversations Meaningful

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Difficult conversations can be stressful, evoking strong negative emotions, even becoming unpredictable or unsafe as tensions rise. Handled the wrong way, they can damage your work relationships and leave you feeling unsure of yourself. The extent to which you view situations as potentially easy or difficult depends on being aware of, and managing, your emotions. Change your mindset to believing you have the skills to engage in a healthy conversation and you will be able to listen with empathy and communicate even difficult news with tact and diplomacy. In this course, you'll learn steps to prepare yourself for handling difficult conversations. You'll also learn the key elements of being aware of your emotions before a conversation goes out of control as well as strategies that will help you effectively tackle difficult conversations in almost any situation. Finally, you'll learn techniques to end difficult conversations on a positive note.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
    Identify steps to prepare you to navigate through a difficult conversation
    Recognize the key elements of managing emotions before a conversation goes out of control
  • Recognize strategies to effectively tackle difficult conversations in most situations
    Identify positive techniques to help difficult conversations end meaningfully
    Reflect on what you've learned


  • 1m 24s
    In many workplace conversations, feelings can run high, leading to heated opinions and even conflict. How we handle difficult conversations can determine the success of a project or the strength of a relationship. In this video, you'll learn the key concepts that will be covered in this course, including managing your emotions in trying situations as well as techniques you can use to make tough conversations easier to navigate. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 18s
    Most of us are inclined to avoid conversations in which emotions run high, but sometimes they're necessary. In this video, you'll learn steps you can take to prepare navigating through a difficult conversation. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Managing Emotions for Better Conversational Outcomes
    4m 13s
    Most of us can think of times when our emotions interfered with our ability to communicate clearly. During difficult conversations, it’s especially important to stay in charge of your feelings. In this video, you'll learn about the key elements for managing emotions before a conversation goes out of control. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Conducting Difficult Conversations Successfully
    5m 25s
    Difficult conversations typically involve a disagreement between two parties and strong emotions on one or both sides. But as emotions flare, it’s important to keep the conversation focused and clear. In this video, you'll explore strategies for effectively tackling difficult conversations in most situations. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Ending Difficult Conversations Meaningfully
    4m 43s
    Managing a difficult conversation is important, but unless the conversation ends with a concrete solution or a mutually agreed conclusion, it may be in vain. In this video, you'll learn some positive techniques that can help difficult conversations end meaningfully. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Let's Review
    1m 22s
    In this video, you'll review and reflect on what you've learned in the course Making Difficult Conversations Meaningful. FREE ACCESS


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