Mayo Clinic Q&A: Don't Delay Lifesaving Cancer Tests, Treatments Because of COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed, canceled and delayed many parts of people's lives, including when or if they seek medical care. Dr. Robert McWilliams, a Mayo Clinic medical oncologist, says there are various reasons patients may be avoiding or delaying care. But he emphasizes that coming to medical institutions is safe, and that ignoring symptoms or delaying exams can result in more severe illness or even death. "Early on in the pandemic, we said to postpone elective care," says Dr. McWilliams. "Unfortunately, I think a lot of people view cancer screening as part of elective care. It's really not." (Published 03/02/2021)


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    On this Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast, Dr. McWilliams talks about the importance of cancer screenings, which cancer patients are at higher risk of COVID-19, whether patients receiving cancer treatment should be vaccinated for COVID-19 and how the acceleration of telehealth has been a silver lining of the pandemic. (Published 03/02/2021) FREE ACCESS