Navigating, Storing & Creating Documents in Google Drive 2020

Google Drive 2020    |    Beginner
  • 10 videos | 39m 43s
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Google Drive is a cloud-based storage solution included in Google Suite. Learn how to import files on this application and how to create new documents. In case you need to update them, you will always be able to view, edit and even delete your files. To work more efficiently, see how to use the priority view or the side panel options.


  • Discover the key concepts in navigating, storing & creating documents in this google drive course
    Log into google, locate the application & log out
    Use the google drive interface
    Importing, locating and converting uploaded files
    Preview, open & read a document
  • Creating, locating and editing a new file
    Use the google drive recycle bin
    Print a document and configure print settings
    Access other google apps from drive
    Browse recently-used or relevant files using priority view and quick access


  • 50s
    This video outlines the key content covered in the Google Drive Course, including importing files and folders, creating, and editing documents, and activating tools such as Priority view and the Quick Access Area. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 41s
    Google Drive is the storage solution provided by Google and is included in your Google Workspace applications. To access this service, you can use any Google or Gmail account. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Navigating the application in Google Drive 2020
    5m 47s
    Once you've signed into Google Drive, you'll be brought to your home interface. See how to navigate between files and use the different quick access tools, as well as the navigation pane. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Importing files & folders in Google Drive 2020
    3m 46s
    The purpose of Google Drive is to store documents that you can share and read with others. You can upload files and folders to Google Drive from your computer with ease. See the different ways you can upload files on Google Drive. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Viewing a file in Google Drive 2020
    3m 44s
    If you want to read or preview a file without editing it, you can quickly do so in Google Drive without having to open a new window or tab. Learn how to preview and open a file, as well how to use the reading tool. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Creating & Editing a document in Google Drive 2020
    5m 24s
    Google Drive can be used to create a number of different types of documents. This is a great time saver because you won't have to upload a file that you just created from another application. See how to create a new document such as a text document, a spreadsheet or presentation via Google Drive. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Deleting files & folders in Google Drive 2020
    3m 13s
    When you remove an item from Google Drive it will be placed in the trash folder. The files and folders stay in the trash for 30 days, unless you decide to restore or immediately delete the items. See how to delete and restore files in Google Drive. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Printing a document in Google Drive 2020
    4m 58s
    It is advisable to limit the use of paper, but if you need to get a paper copy of a file, you can print directly from Google Drive. The application has a useful printing interface that allows you to customize your settings before you decide to print. Learn how to use those options and the print preview. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Using the Google side panel in Google Drive 2020
    4m 51s
    The Google side panel can be used to access your tasks list, your calendar, and your Keep notes without leaving Drive. See how to show and hide the side panel and open the different applications available. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Using Priority view and Quick Access in Google Drive 2020
    3m 30s
    To improve your Google Drive experience, learn how to activate or deactivate tools that allow you to quickly access your files: Priority view and the Quick Access Area. Your most relevant documents will be displayed to help you save time. FREE ACCESS


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