Posting, reacting & managing messages on the feed in Yammer Web 2020

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One of the main features of Yammer is being able to post updates to the network. Discover how to publish different types of posts and how to edit or delete them. For more interaction, you and your colleagues can react and reply to posts, and these conversations can be easily managed. Finally, learn how to illustrate your messages by adding attachments, and how to view or create documents from a centralized area.


  • Discover the key concepts in posting, reacting and managing messages on the feed in this yammer web 2020 course
    Publish, modify and delete a post
    Apply effects, insert lists and gifs
    Reply, like, and comment on a message
    Share, move & close a conversation
    Send and open attachments
  • Create & manage a poll
    Ask & manage an open question
    Publicly congratulate a colleague
    Feature or pin a conversation & make annoucements
    Insert & find topics
    Browse, find and manage files


  • 52s
    This video outlines the key content covered in the Posting, reacting and managing messages on the feed in Yammer Web 2020 course, including how to write, format and edit posts, managing conversations, creating polls, questions and topics, and managing your files. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 50s
    One of the main features of Yammer is the ability to post your own public messages or updates to the network or to a community. This message, similar to a status and known in Yammer as a "yam", is posted to your activity feed and is visible to your followers. Learn how to write, edit, or even delete a post on a feed. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Formatting a post in Yammer Web 2020
    4m 45s
    In order to better present your message, learn how to apply effects, such as bold and italic. This will help you highlight the more relevant items, that you can also insert in the form of a list. And to illustrate your message, you can also search for and use GIFs. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Reacting to posts in Yammer Web 2020
    4m 45s
    In Yammer, you can interact with a message or update it as soon as it has been posted. You can, for example, show everyone that you like or find the item interesting by using the Like function. You can also reply to an update by inserting a comment. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Managing a conversation in Yammer Web 2020
    5m 35s
    If you have a lot of conversations going on, it is important to know how to manage them. For instance, you can move a conversation from one community to another, or even close it. You can share a discussion, a comment or copy the link to a conversation. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Sending & Viewing attachments in Yammer Web 2020
    5m 54s
    In Yammer, you can add attachments to better illustrate your posts. Learn how to add web links, documents, and photos directly to your feed. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Setting up a poll in Yammer Web 2020
    3m 35s
    If you have a survey that needs to be completed or need an answer for a particular subject, learn to use Yammer's poll tool. You can set how many options the poll contains and share it with other users. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Creating a question in Yammer Web 2020
    4m 23s
    If you want to have your colleague's opinion on a topic, learn how to create a question. This will allow users to mark an answer as "best answer", and you can turn your question into a simple post if you change your mind. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Sending a praise in Yammer Web 2020
    To congratulate a colleague on a particular achievement, piece of work, or even a personal event, you can use the Praise tool. Here, you will see how to write a post naming the person or people you would like to congratulate. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Making a conversation stand out in Yammer Web 2020
    4m 32s
    If your feed or communities are active, a lot of conversations may be going on. Learn how to feature a conversation to make it temporarily visible for everybody, and how to make announcements for important subjects. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Creating & Using a topic in Yammer Web 2020
    3m 48s
    Topics are used to organize, group and tag updates that are posted to Yammer. These usually take the form of keywords and are very useful if you want to find discussions more easily, by following or searching for them. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Managing your files in Yammer Web 2020
    4m 43s
    In Yammer, you can easily access files that have already been uploaded to the site and share them to avoid uploading duplicate copies. As a user, you can upload files to the database without having to invite a conversation around them. FREE ACCESS


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