Proofing email in Outlook 365

Outlook Microsoft 365    |    Intermediate
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With Outlook's suite of proofing and review tools, you can be sure that the emails you send will be clear, accessible, and error-free. Learn how to check your spelling and grammar, use the lookup, translation, and thesaurus tools, and make your message accessible to all recipients.


  • Discover the key concepts in outlook microsoft 365: proofing email course
    Use the spelling and grammar tools to check for errors in email text
    Configure the spellcheck tools
    Use the autocorrect tools to correct frequently occurring mistakes in emails
  • Use the dictionary and reference tools
    Check email accessibility
    Translate text in emails


  • 30s
    This video outlines the key content covered in the Proofing email course including: Configuring your spellcheck, Using the AutoCorrect function, and Translating text in your email. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 26s
    If you are unsure of the spelling of a particular word, you can use Outlook's spelling and grammar tools. Words that the program is unable to find in its dictionary and potential grammatical errors are automatically underlined. As well as selecting from a helpful list of suggestions, you can also improve the dictionary by adding your own words. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Configuring your spellcheck
    5m 3s
    Before running the spelling and grammar tools in Outlook, it is a good idea to check the language and proofing settings of your email client. You can also adjust what sort of checks is performed on your text. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Using the AutoCorrect function
    5m 20s
    Outlook's AutoCorrect features can save you time if you often spell particular words incorrectly. You can use AutoCorrect to assign shortcuts for particular words that you use a lot in order to insert them quickly and efficiently. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Using the dictionary & reference tools
    5m 31s
    Outlook offers a number of reference tools that can be used to check, proof, and improve your emails. These include a word count tool, readability statistics, and an integrated thesaurus. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Checking your email accessibility
    5m 34s
    Before sending your email, it's a good idea to check to make sure it meets some general accessibility requirements. The inspection tool provided by Outlook can help you to check for hard-to-read text and contrast issues, add alt-text to images, and generally make sure that your email will be readable by other users. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Translating text in your email
    3m 37s
    Outlook comes with a suite of integrated translation tools, allowing you to quickly convert your email text from one language into another. In this video you are going to see how to translate and manage automatic translations as well as set your translation preferences. FREE ACCESS


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