Report & Analysis Tools in Access 2013 for Windows

Access 2013 (Windows)    |    Intermediate
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In Access 2013, a report can be used to present information that has been extracted from a database. Discover how to create a quick, database, and automatic reports. Also, explore methods of cleaning up and analyzing databases.


  • Creating a quick report
    Creating your own database report
    Creating an automatic report
  • Cleaning up your database
    Analyzing your database


  • 5m 56s
    In Access 2013, a report can be used to present information that has been extracted from your database. You can create a very quick table by simply selecting the table you wish to use. Access 2013 will do the formatting and page layout for you, meaning that all you have to do is print it out. FREE ACCESS
  • 7m 33s
    If you want greater control over the way in which your Access 2013 report is presented, you can create your own from scratch. You can select the fields that are displayed, the way in which the columns are laid out, and add a title and time and date stamps. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Creating an automatic report in Access 2013 for Windows
    7m 4s
    Access 2013's reports work in a similar way to mail merge documents. Once you have created a blank page, you can add data fields which will be used to display the data table's corresponding values. You can change the structure of the report and the data will be automatically adjusted, without it affecting the data values themselves. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Cleaning up your database in Access 2013 for Windows
    4m 18s
    Access 2013 features a query that can be used to clean up your database file. It can search for data or field inconsistencies, incomplete values, and even unmatched records. Removing or correcting these items can ensure that your database runs as smoothly as possible. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Analyzing your database in Access 2013 for Windows
    7m 40s
    Another way of ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your records and data values in Access 2013 is to run a performance or table analysis. These tools can check your data tables for inconsistencies, such as data that has been incorrectly formatted. You can even use the tools to split existing data tables and correct spelling mistakes and typing errors. FREE ACCESS


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