Sharing documents in Word 365

Word Microsoft 365 (2021)    |    Beginner
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Explore the many ways in which users can collaborate on a document by using Word 365. In this course, learn how to use the e-mail function in Word to automatically share your documents via a link or attachment. Next, discover how to directly access OneDrive, Microsoft's Cloud service that allows you to save a document online. Then you will be able to share your document within your organization or with specific users by customizing the link permissions. Once you have shared your document, learn how to collaborate by adding comments, mentioning other users or co-authoring in real time. You will also discover how to protect your documents by setting passwords or blocking authors. Lastly, learn how to manage the versions of an online document and how to recover unsaved versions. In order to practice, you will find the video samples in the Resources section.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this Sharing documents in Word 365 course
    share a document with OneDrive
    create and send a shareable link
    manage link access & permissions
    comment on a document
  • manage comments in a document
    collaborate in real time on a document
    protect your document from unauthorized modifications
    restore & recover an unsaved version of your document
    manage your document's version history


  • 51s
    This video outlines the key concepts covered in Sharing documents in Word 365 including sharing a document via OneDrive, collaborating on a document, and recovering a previous version of your document FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 55s
    OneDrive is a Microsoft service which will allow you to save a document online so you can access it simply and efficiently anywhere you have an internet connection. This service can be accessed and used directly through Word. This video aligns with MOS Word Associate MO-100 Objectives: 1.3.4.  Share documents electronically. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Sharing your document via a link
    4m 2s
    With Word, you can share your documents via a link. You will not only learn how to share a document via a link but how to configure the editing permissions for a document before sending the share link as well. If a coworker sends you a document saved in OneDrive, you can open it directly in Microsoft Word. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Managing link access & permissions
    5m 11s
    With Word, you can change the editing permissions for a link to be more restrictive or open, depending on your preferences. You will learn how to modify the editing permissions and manage access to the shared link. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Commenting on a document
    4m 13s
    If there are multiple individuals working on your document, you may find the comment tool a useful way of collaborating and coordinating your additions and modifications. You can use the comment tool to leave notes or questions attached to particular text passages in your Word document. These comments can be visualized by every user with access to the shared document. This video aligns with MOS Word Associate MO-100 Objectives: 6.1.1 Add comments and 6.1.2 Review and reply to comments. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Managing comments
    3m 34s
    If there are multiple individuals commenting on your document, it will be useful to discover the tools to navigate between them. In this video, you will also learn how the comments are displayed in your documents. Lastly, easily manage the comments by resolving them if the discussion is over, or simply delete them. This video aligns with MOS Word Associate MO-100 Objectives: 6.1.3.  Resolve comments and 6.1.4.  Delete comments. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Collaborating on a document
    3m 30s
    Once you have shared a Word document with a collaborator, you will be able to work simultaneously on it, with updates made in real time. Any changes made by others will be highlighted in your document so that you can easily identify them. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Protecting your document
    6m 40s
    Before sharing your document, you may want to protect it from unauthorized modifications. Word comes complete with a special mode that allows you to protect any areas that are not intended for the user modifying your documents. Learn how to protect your files by blocking authors or setting up passwords. This video aligns with MOS Word Expert MO-101 Objectives: 1.2.2.  Protect documents by using passwords. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Recovering a previous version of your document
    5m 12s
    If your computer crashed and you did not have the time to save your document, Word might be able to help. When you reopen Word, you may be able to open automatic backup files that have been created. This is very useful if you want to recover an older version of your document. This video aligns with MOS Word Expert MO-101 Objectives: 1.1.2.  Manage document versions. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Managing your document's version history
    4m 52s
    With Word, you can manage a document's version history by opening a different version of the document, recovering unsaved documents and checking out a document so no one else can edit the document at the same time. FREE ACCESS


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