Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Data Protection

What you will learn

Protecting privacy and ensuring the security of data are more than only following government regulations. Organizations must develop sound data security policies to assist in preventing the unauthorized or unintentional disclosure of data. Data security breaches involving the financial information of customers are well publicized and, unfortunately, all too common. A robust privacy and data protection program – including an emphasis on cybersecurity and end-user best practices – can help avoid the costly consequences of data loss while protecting the company’s reputation.

For global organizations, privacy and data protection requirements continue to increase and become more complex with new laws including GDPR and CCPA . Employees must know the obligations of the company to protect customer and employee personal data. One must understand the risk of breaching those obligations, and the security measures needed to protect such information.


Global Privacy and Information Security

Course | 24m

Given the global nature of commerce and the prevalence of the electronic exchange of information, data security has never been a more critical business issue. This course will provide employees in global organizations with a high-level awareness of the regulatory, legal, and corporate requirements for handling and protecting personal and sensitive information. It will explore the principles underlying the various information security laws in place around the world, and outline best practices for handling data appropriately.


Global Cybersecurity Basics

Course | 12m

Lax security practices and poor security awareness on the part of employees can result in data breaches and other security incidents that have serious consequences for organizations. Hackers will take advantage of any vulnerability, and their reach is global. This course focuses on common pitfalls in IT security by end users, highlighting how seemingly harmless actions by employees can give opportunistic hackers access to sensitive organizational data and systems. The course also provides employees with common sense guidelines dealing with areas such as mobile security, online security, password security, and malicious e-mails.

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