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Administrative Assistant Journey

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It can go by many names, such as office administrator, office assistant, personal assistant, or administrative assistant, but to achieve professional success and enhance the value of your role, you need to optimize your knowledge of administrator essentials. Mastering skills that every administrative professional needs to perform will prepare you for handling wide-ranging and ever-changing tasks, including managing files, routing phone calls and emails, working with schedules, and more. Administrative assistants can help a company succeed by keeping things on track. This Journey is based on real-time market information from Lightcast and focuses on the role of the Administrative Assistant within organizations.

Administrative skills can include things like working with your boss and coworkers and projecting a positive image.  Learn more about administrative skills.

  • 4 Courses | 1h 9m 45s
  • 1 Book | 8m
  • 1 Audiobook | 21m 35s

Well-constructed sentences express an idea by using the parts of speech in a logical order, and are essential for effective business writing.  Learn more about research and writing.

  • 5 Courses | 1h 46m 53s
  • 1 Book | 10m
  • 1 Audiobook | 20m 39s

Organizational Skills & Attention to Details

By developing and applying organization skills, you can declutter your schedule and avoid putting off work that demands your attention.  Learn more about organizational skills and attention to details.

  • 4 Courses | 1h 18m 40s
  • 1 Book | 10m
  • 1 Audiobook | 16m 36s

A positive workplace is paramount to your organization's long-term success, and budgets are key to running any operation. Learn more about office management and budgeting.

  • 5 Courses | 1h 51m 23s
  • 1 Book | 9m
  • 1 Audiobook | 22m 29s

MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Word basics

Microsoft Office has become a staple in many offices today.  Learn more about Excel, Outlook, and Word.

  • 5 Courses | 4h 55m 1s

Managing up and Across with Influence and Persuasion

The relationship between you and your boss is a key factor in your career. Managing up can help you find enjoyment and reward in your current position. Learn more about managing up and across with influence and persuasion.

  • 3 Courses | 1h 32s
  • 1 Book | 9m
  • 1 Audiobook | 24m 53s


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