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Event Planner Journey

  • 30 Courses | 14h 21m 30s
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Events can include things such as client meetings and promotional events, and can require a lot of planning, budgeting, and scheduling to be successful. Event planners can help organizations with the coordination of finances, planning, staff, supplies, and services and more throughout the stages of an event - from planning through execution to closing. This Journey is based on real-time market information from Burning Glass Technologies and focuses on the role of the Event Planner within organizations.

Budgeting, Scheduling & Planning

Given the importance of finance for non-finance professionals, it's in everyone's best interest to have some basic knowledge of one of the most important aspects of business finance – budgeting. To reach your destination, a strategic plan is the ultimate map. Learn more about budgeting, scheduling, and planning.

  • 5 Courses | 1h 57m 36s

Project Management Basic Skills

For the new project manager, the essentials  – what you need to know to undertake your new responsibilities - are not always obvious. Project management involves a lot of moving parts.  Learn more about project management basic skills.

  • 5 Courses | 2h 33m 6s

Social Media & Digital Marketing

According to recent research, over 90% of business-to-business customers carry out online research before they make a purchase decision. It’s clear that it’s important for every business to have an online presence. Today, when customers have a need or a problem to solve, the first step is to search for an answer online.  Learn more about social media and digital marketing.

  • 5 Courses | 2h 42m 24s

Excel Basics

Learn about how to get started, and then delve into the data manipulation techniques with Excel 2019 for Windows.

  • 5 Courses | 4h 8m 13s

Problem Solving & Decision Making

When the time comes to make a final, critical decision, you need to be able to understand the reasons for making that decision, as well as its possible consequences. You must also assess the effectiveness of your decisive action in solving a particular problem.  Learn more about problem solving and decision making.

  • 5 Courses | 1h 27m 54s

Negotiation and Influence

Negotiation is not a game where the “winner takes it all” - it’s a relationship-building process where those involved try to understand each other’s needs and think creatively about solutions. Effective persuasion methods and influencing skills can be the difference makers for getting results. Learn more about negotiation and influence.

  • 5 Courses | 1h 32m 17s


Basic Budgeting for Non-financial Professionals
It's not only  the Finance department that needs to understand budgeting and finance essentials. Given the importance of finance for non-finance professionals, it's in everyone's best interest to have some basic knowledge of one of the most important aspects of business finance – budgeting. In this course, you'll learn to identify the characteristics of an effective budget, the stages in planning one, and how to distinguish between budgets types. You'll also explore budgeting concepts and techniques such as historical and zero-based budgeting, variance analysis, capital budgeting, and performing budgeting calculations.
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Comprehending Financials: A Guide to Financial Statements
To maintain your company's finances, you need a strong knowledge of business finance. And to improve the financial well-being of your company, it’s vital to understand key financial statements, such as the Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, and Balance Sheet, as these will hint at problems and possible solutions. This course will give you an overview of these three statements. You'll also explore typical examples of financial statements, learn how each financial statement relates to the other, and discover what each one indicates about your company's financial position.
9 videos | 28m has Assessment available Badge Certification PMI PDU
Knowing When to Take Strategic Risks
Risk taking can revolutionize business, but you need to know when and how to take a strategic risk when the opportunity arises. Managing risk means effectively assessing a threat by recognizing the probability of that risk occurring and evaluating the impact of the risk should it occur. In this course, you'll learn to define strategic risk taking, what holds individuals back, and how to make calculated leaps of faith.
6 videos | 29m has Assessment available Badge Certification PMI PDU
Preparing and Implementing a Business Plan
Creating a business plan helps you clearly see the opportunities and obstacles you'll inevitably face as you pursue your business idea. By implementing a business plan, you stand a better chance of getting the support you need to succeed. In this course, you'll learn about what a business plan is, the business planning process, and the steps you need to take when creating a business case. You'll also learn how to carry out an internal analysis and about the key elements examined in any external and SWOT analyses. Finally, you'll learn about activities that can help you when implementing a business case, including developing action plans and determining how the implementation should be measured, monitored, and assessed.
8 videos | 30m has Assessment available Badge Certification PMI PDU