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Giving Feedback as a Leader

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Giving well-structured feedback helps your team members understand exactly what they're doing well and where they can improve. When you present feedback in a clear, constructive way, it's easier for them to take it on board and use it to grow. Showing your team that you're invested in their success and that you're not just pointing out problems, but helping them find solutions, can help you foster a happy, productive team.

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Giving Effective Feedback
Giving and receiving feedback is an important aspect of effective management and leadership. Feedback, when provided correctly, can help employees grow, develop new skills, and improve performance. Well-thought-out feedback is also a way to keep your team engaged with their work by understanding its impact on the organization's goals. It's crucial to understand that feedback is not criticism, but rather an opportunity to provide constructive guidance and support. In this course, you will learn about the different types of feedback that can be used in the workplace, explore the benefits of providing effective feedback, and learn how to formulate and deliver feedback effectively to employees, all while keeping in mind best practices and avoiding common pitfalls.
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The Simple Way to Make Giving Feedback Easier, powered by MIT SMR
Giving constructive feedback is essential for being an effective manager and teammate but delivering it can be a challenge. In this course, the author shares the correct way to deliver negative feedback.
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Providing Feedback to Support Neurodiverse Employees, powered by MIT SMR
Through a collection of multiple articles, the authors share details pertaining to giving performance feedback to neurodiverse employees and ensuring that it benefits them in their day-to-day work.
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Delivering Feedback That Encourages Growth
The process of giving and receiving feedback is inevitable and indispensable in a work environment. When feedback is effective, it can foster a growth mind set in the workforce and contribute to organizational success. In this course, you will learn how to plan a feedback session and give feedback in a constructive manner. You will also learn about some proven models to construct the feedback objectively and effectively. Techniques for handling less-than-ideal reactions to feedback and overcoming potential anxiety will also be discussed to support performance improvement, employee motivation, and workplace relationships.
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Making Difficult Conversations Meaningful
Difficult conversations can be stressful, evoking strong negative emotions, even becoming unpredictable or unsafe as tensions rise. Handled the wrong way, they can damage your work relationships and leave you feeling unsure of yourself. The extent to which you view situations as potentially easy or difficult depends on being aware of, and managing, your emotions. Change your mindset to believing you have the skills to engage in a healthy conversation and you will be able to listen with empathy and communicate even difficult news with tact and diplomacy. In this course, you'll learn steps to prepare yourself for handling difficult conversations. You'll also learn the key elements of being aware of your emotions before a conversation goes out of control as well as strategies that will help you effectively tackle difficult conversations in almost any situation. Finally, you'll learn techniques to end difficult conversations on a positive note.
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