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Influencing as a Leader

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Leadership influence is how you steer your team towards your shared goals. With it, you can inspire your team members, shape their behaviors, and guide them to make the right decisions. Plus, when you wield your influence wisely, you can foster a positive culture and build a high-performing team - and that's what great leadership is all about.

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Becoming an Influential Leader
In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, effective leadership goes beyond traditional authority. To be truly effective, both in good times and during times of great challenge, leaders must master the ability to influence others. Without the expertise and ability to influence others, the truly important things in work and life can't be achieved. But effective leaders don't just command; they also inspire, persuade, and encourage. They tap the knowledge and skills of a group, point individuals toward a common goal and consensus, and draw out a commitment to achieve results. They understand that greater good can be achieved through inspiration and positive influence, not by manipulation or coercion. In this course, you will learn about how leaders can use influence as a tool to enhance collaboration and consensus while advancing organizational aims and objectives. You will gain an understanding of the different influential styles and situations in which you can use a particular style to motivate individuals toward success.
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Influence and Persuasion, powered by MIT SMR
Through a collection of multiple articles, the authors share details pertaining to the role of influence in an organization and the level of persuasive power the executives wield, both inside and outside of their companies.
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Influencing through Positive Leadership
An organization's social and political landscape can provide opportunities for positive leadership, influencing others in order to accomplish team and company goals. In this course, you will discover methods and strategies for effectively influencing a team to accept your ideas. You'll be introduced to the importance of political awareness and the essential skills involved in utilizing positive influence, while avoiding the negative, when persuading others. You'll also have an opportunity to practice methods for influencing effectively and ethically.
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Influencing without Authority
Mastering the art of influencing without authority is crucial and is essential to success. With a growing demand for adept influencers capable of navigating diverse challenges, each individual within an organization must develop essential skills to inspire, build trust, and drive positive change. These skills help gain buy-in from key stakeholders, improve collaboration, and achieve collective goals, leaving a lasting impact on professional growth. In this course, you'll learn to identify essential characteristics for successfully influencing others without formal authority, the steps for using persuasion skills to gain support and cooperation without authority, how to leverage different types of personal power to effectively influence the behavior of others, and effective strategies for influencing without authority in challenging situations.
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Listening to Engage, Empower, and Influence
The working world has never been more complex than it is today, with cost pressures, customer demands, and competitive markets. None of these challenges can be addressed by "going it alone." Collaboration is key, bringing the organization's best minds together to address these challenges. And key to collaboration is effective listening, ensuring that each member of an organization fully expresses their viewpoints and that these viewpoints are considered by their colleagues. In this course, you'll learn practical skills for drawing out and synthesizing others' viewpoints in service of improving your individual performance. You'll also explore bringing out the best in others and creating the best possible solutions to the challenges faced by today's organizations.
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Leading with Questions: How Leaders Discover Powerful Answers by Knowing How and What to Ask, Third Edition
In this newly revised third edition of Leading with Questions, renowned global leadership consultants Michael Marquardt and Bob Tiede describe how to ask powerful questions that generate short-term and long-term results and success.
book Duration 3h 55m book Authors By Bob Tiede, Michael J. Marquardt


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