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Inspiring Engagement and Resilience

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During challenging times, a manager must help their employees remain engaged, effective, and productive. Learn more about some of the skills required to keep everyone engaged and working together in these unprecedented times.

Pandemic preparedness is about more than just the pandemic itself. Learn about managing during a crisis, managing an employee’s fears and concerns, and how to prepare for a post-pandemic workplace.

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Pandemics are full of disruption and change, whether that includes updates to the workplace, acquiring new techniques, or completely changing the way we look at things. It's time to lead change and help others through these unprecedented times.

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Everything around us is changing, so the need for a strong leader is more vital than ever. Learn how to engage your teams while leading them through these challenging times.

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Everyone knows that communication is vital within an organization - but during a pandemic, communication is crucial.   It's time to learn more about communication and giving feedback.


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Leading Collaboration is about encouraging the team to work together, both on-site and virtually. Explore strategies and guidelines for leading collaboration.

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Mindfulness, Accountability, and Resilience

We must be mindful of what's going on in the moment, stay accountable for the things we are responsible for, and be resilient enough to persevere through all the disruption around us. Learn more about mindfulness, accountability, and resilience to help you on your path to keeping everyone engaged during pandemic and crisis.

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During a pandemic, empathy and emotional intelligence are more important than ever. A pandemic can touch every part of our lives, which can cause difficult times for everyone. We are all in this together, so try to see things from others' point of view and be kind to one another. Use empathy and emotional intelligence to help stay grounded during times of pandemic and crisis.

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Leading in the Post-pandemic Workplace
It’s safe to say that the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every human life on the planet. It has wrought disruption, hardship, loss, grief, sickness, and death to a global population. And its effects will linger for years. In the aftermath of the worst of it, the world is struggling to create an evolving new normal. What that will look like for businesses and other organizations is yet to be determined, and indeed, will likely remain so for some time to come. As we emerge from quarantine and social distancing, and adapt to these changing circumstances, organizational leaders will have many new priorities and employee safety to consider. The workplace may never be the same. As a result, leaders must be ready to prepare and enable themselves and their teams to reestablish work routines. The time is now to think about how you can reconnect with and reengage your people, review and rewrite your policies, and redesign your workspaces. Materials in this course are based upon content provided in partnership with MIT Sloan Management Review.
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Managing in a Crisis
Effective business leadership is never more needed than during the difficult times of a company crisis. The way you handle tough conversations or deliver a difficult message can make or break the situation. It's essential to have crisis management strategies to improve outcomes. In this course, you’ll discover ways of managing in a crisis, including how to manage difficult conversations and crisis communications.
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