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When you lead your team, you set the tone, provide the direction, and make sure everyone is in sync. When you lead effectively, you inspire your team members to give their best performance, help them overcome challenges, and foster a positive work environment. Plus, it ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal, creating harmony within the team, and ultimately leading to successful outcomes.

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Building High Performance Teams
As a leader, your goal is to build and lead high performance teams that drive organizational success. But do you truly know what it takes to make your team stand out and emerge as an outstanding team? In this course, you will learn proven strategies and gain insights to build, manage, and nurture high performance teams that consistently exceed results. It will start by defining high performance and examining the characteristics of high performance teams. Next, you will learn the strategies and key considerations to assemble the right mix of talent and help them attain their true potential through effective goal setting and role definition. You will also learn the strategies to foster a positive work culture that nurtures collaboration, trust, and innovation, leading to enhanced team performance. Finally, you'll delve into effective strategies to optimize your team's performance. With these strategies in place, you will be equipped to lead your team to exceptional performance and drive your organization toward continued success.
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Leading in a Hybrid Workplace
The days of showing up at the office or shopfloor 9-to-5, five days a week, ended for many of us long before the pandemic arrived. Covid accelerated a transformation in where and when we work that was already well underway. A team leader in the 21st century will need to prepare for the future of work by learning to lead hybrid teams, which include a mix of remote and onsite workers, often on different schedules. In this course, you'll learn about becoming a human-centered manager who can build a sense of community in a group of individuals separated by space and time. You'll see how inequities can arise in hybrid teams, and how to avoid them. You'll learn tools and techniques for improving collaboration among physically separated workers. Finally, you'll explore strategies for maintaining high productivity and performance on hybrid teams.
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Proven Tactics for Improving Teams' Psychological Safety, powered by MIT SMR
In this course, the authors explain the Experiment Design and the effectiveness of interventions in terms of increasing psychological safety in workplaces. They also provide some lessons from this experiment, which managers can apply in their own teams to drive behavioral change.
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Assessing Your Organization's Potential for High Performance
In an ever-changing world, it's essential that organizations reach high levels of performance to stay relevant and successful. To survive and thrive, organizations must be able to adjust quickly while maintaining high performance. In this course, you'll learn to identify the success factors for high performance in an organization and to measure the key components of high performance. You'll also be able to recognize the aspects of work culture leading to a high-performing organization and explore the competencies that high-performing leaders possess.
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Leading the Team (2021 Update)
A project manager is only as good as the project team they lead. Team development isn't simply a matter of telling others what to do and when to do it, but rather requires the team building, interpersonal skills, and communication models of agile leadership. In this course, you'll learn about best practices for leading a team, including the importance of diversity and inclusion, and team motivational theories like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, among others. You'll also explore the stages of team development, theories like servant leadership, and the barriers to communication, along with the communication methods and channels you can use to overcome them.
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Building Better Teams: Study Guide, Student Edition
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