Women in Exodus: Reversing the Pandemic's Unjust Effects

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Women in Exodus: Reversing the Pandemic’s Unjust Effects

Women in Exodus: Reversing the Pandemic’s Unjust Effects – Part 1

While COVID-19 has caused a global health pandemic, its economic shockwaves have induced another crisis: the mass exodus of women from the global workforce. The economic impact of COVID-19 on women as a group has been manifold: disproportionate rates of job loss, greater complexity of workload, increased unpaid care work, and less out-of-home care support, to name a few. On this first part of “Women in Exodus: Reversing the Pandemic’s Unjust Effects,” a special miniseries of The Edge, five of Skillsoft’s female leaders come together to paint a picture of the pandemic-era challenges that women workers are facing.

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The views expressed by guests are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Skillsoft.

Women in Exodus: Reversing the Pandemic’s Unjust Effects – Part 2

In part one of our special miniseries, our Skillsoft leaders painted a clear picture: the pandemic has unfairly led to millions of women to leaving the global workforce. But the question remains, how do we combat this issue? In this second episode, our team of five female Skillsoft leaders returns, digging deeper into the solutions. Recognizing that it will take collective effort to rise to the challenge and reshape what the future looks like, these leaders share their recommendations for how we can start to enable and empower women on a global scale. To close out their discussion, our leaders share their own personal stories of challenge, bias, and inequality that they have faced as women in the workforce – showcasing the value and power of personal storytelling, and how important it is for women in leadership roles to be willing to share their stories.

Interesting in exploring the resources mentioned in this episode?

The views expressed by guests are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Skillsoft.


Read our latest research in the 2021 Women in Tech Report, an in-depth study of the state of women in IT. We surveyed 1,100 professionals working in the United States, Canada, France and the United Kingdom to understand barriers to inclusion and advancement, and how to arrive at meaningful solutions that will empower women to advance their careers.

About Our Guest

Rosie Cairnes

Rosie Cairnes is Skillsoft's Asia Pacific Vice President, working to solve organizational challenges through technology-deployed learning and performance solutions. Rosie has more than 25 years’ experience working with both regional and global organizations across a wide variety of industry sectors and Government agencies. Rosie specializes in cloud-based learning and performance support solutions, helping organizations align learning to strategic business goals to deliver quantifiable results that benefit organizations and their employees. Rosie has a passion for the importance of measuring learning impact on the organization and the value of a quality, contemporary learning experience for the learner. Today, modern learning solutions need to have the learner, the way we work, and the needs of the organization in mind to be effective and impactful. To meet today’s demands it is not just what we’re learning but how we’re learning that matters. Prior to Skillsoft, Rosie worked with SAI Global, SmartForce, CBT Systems, Sony Computer Products, BBC Training & Catalyst Consulting.

About Our Guest

Maisha Cobb

Maisha Cobb is currently Vice President, Global Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications for Skillsoft. In this role, she works across the organization to bring Skillsoft’s value to life in the hearts and minds of customers. Prior, she led brand strategy at Thermo Fisher Scientific, working to develop holistic strategies that spanned consumer, B2B and corporate verticals. Prior to Thermo Fisher, Maisha held leadership roles in Cox Automotive, Logitech, LG, Qualcomm and Aetna. She guest lectures at San Diego State University and is a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion.

About Our Guest

Rashim Mogha

Rashim Mogha is Skillsoft’s new Customer Market Leader, Leadership and Business Solutions. Her role concentrates on leading the content, platform, customer success, sales, and marketing teams to deliver compelling experiences to our customers. Prior to Skillsoft, Rashim held leadership roles at companies like VMware, Amazon Web Services, Oracle, and Automation Anywhere, where she built high-performing education teams and launched innovative solutions to support businesses over $2 billion. Recognized by Business Chief USA as a woman to watch, Rashim is an industry influencer, a thought leader, and a best-selling author. She is also a recipient of Women Empowerment: Game Changer, Woman of the Year, Women Tech, and Silicon Valley Woman of Influence awards and was inducted into the Alameda County Hall of Fame in 2020.

About Our Guest

Elisa Vincent

Elisa Vincent is the Vice President of Global Talent Enablement at Skillsoft, where she leads strategic initiatives that foster the individual and collective success of the organization. Her journey to human capital leadership was not a traditional one. She has built a latticed model to her own career path that has afforded her many opportunities to grow new leadership strengths and skills. She started her career in international education and study abroad where she designed, developed, and led international leadership development experiences for students and faculty - experiences that enabled research and study of gender equality and equity around the world. She was a founding member of the Bentley University Center for Women in Business leadership team, where she served as both consultant and leadership coach for organizational and emerging leaders in various industries. After moving into corporate human capital management, her goal has been to build transformative talent development and management infrastructures that enable cultures of inclusion, equity, and belonging. She has designed and implemented leadership models and learning content, curricula, and experiences with proven success and rapid adoption in diverse markets, and she has loved every moment.

About Our Host

Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek

As Chief Marketing Officer, Michelle leads a global marketing organization, focused on transforming today’s workforce for tomorrow’s economy. Since joining the company, she has been responsible for Skillsoft’s global marketing strategy, which includes generating awareness, driving preference, and building affinity for Skillsoft. Additionally – and perhaps most importantly – Michelle serves as the company's brand evangelist, helping to build a vibrant community of passionate learners.

With more than 25 years of marketing, branding, and strategy experience, Michelle has made it her personal mission to support the advancement of women in business. Prior to Skillsoft, she served as Chief Marketing Officer of IBM Watson, where she was instrumental in developing the first “Women Leaders in AI” program, which honors women who put AI to work across industries and around the globe. She also served as the global head of marketing for The Weather Company, an IBM Business, helping companies understand how to anticipate, plan for, and ultimately make better decisions – with greater confidence – in the face of weather.

Michelle is a prolific speaker on a range of topics, including the war for talent, digital transformation, and marketing in a post-pandemic world. She covers these topics and more as the host of Skillsoft's podcast, The Edge, now in its second season. She has authored countless papers covering a range of business and marketing topics, was at the center of Skillsoft’s leadership role in DEI through free “Leadercamps,” and has taught two Percipio courses on the Pink Pandemic and Public Speaking.

Michelle is also a founding member of CMO Huddles, a group dedicated to bringing together and empowering highly effective B2B CMOs to share, care, and dare each other to greatness. Michelle holds a Master’s degree from Simmons University and sits on the pro side of the Oxford comma debate.