Skillsoft Unveils Digital Badges in Percipio

Digital badges drive learner engagement by enabling users to establish personal learning records that travel with them throughout their careers

BOSTON – January 21, 2020 Responding to strong demand from learners, Skillsoft, a global leader in corporate learning, today announced that it will enable learners to earn and collect portable digital badges on its award-winning intelligent learning experience platform, Percipio, in February 2020. Proven to motivate learners and increase employee engagement, digital badges drive continuous learning across an organization as they inspire people to build a virtual portfolio of their achievements and skills.

“Badges as proof of learning accomplishment and credentialing are nothing new. Brandon Hall Group research shows companies that use badging during onboarding are at least 60 percent more likely to have improved engagement, retention and time-to-proficiency among new hires. But Skillsoft’s digital badges within Percipio offer learners and organizations a unique value proposition,” said David Wentworth, principal analyst, Brandon Hall Group. “Learners gain digital badges as proof of earned expertise that are theirs to keep, collect and share throughout their careers. Employees see these badges as a value to themselves personally and not just the company, and organizations benefit by being able to offer their employees opportunities for career development. It’s an attractive benefit to offer employees that also supports the organization’s learning goals to close skills gaps.”

"Skillsoft’s digital badges deliver on our vision to drive learner engagement and help organizations cultivate cultures of continuous learning,” said Apratim Purakayastha, chief technology officer, Skillsoft. “Numerous research studies show small measures like recognition encourage learning, leading to knowledge gains that ultimately close skills gaps, benefitting organizations and promoting career growth for individual learners."

Skillsoft’s digital badging capabilities also will enable learners to socialize their accomplishments, amassing a collection of badges that are always accessible to the learner and theirs to keep. Learners can share their digital badges on a blog, website, social media network, or email platform, and even send them directly to their managers. All digital badges awarded by Skillsoft are Open Badges 2.0 Certified and adhere to guidelines set forth by the Mozilla OpenBadge Standard. This ensures that achievements worthy of a badge represent legitimate, authenticated accomplishments, described within the badge and linked to the awarding organization. The accomplishment will be independently verified through a blockchain making them portable for users.

“Our Percipio roadmap is focused on social learning and encouraging and motivating our learners whether they access content directly through Percipio or through partner LMS platforms. The next phase of this work will be developing digital badges for learning paths and Aspire Journeys, as well as enabling our clients to design their own badges for their custom content which is hosted and accessed through Percipio,” said Potoula Chresomales, SVP of product, Skillsoft.

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