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Organizations need to change to remain competitive and vibrant. Discover how to embrace change in your organization. Everyone in business knows that change is inevitable, and that change occurs quickly. Professionals who know how to embrace perpetual change know that this change provides them with limitless opportunities. Learning how to push for, and embrace, change within the workplace is an important skill for leaders who want to remain at the forefront of their industry.

Topics covered

  • Dealing with Obstacles to Your Goals
  • Dealing with Pressure and Stress
  • Factoring Perseverance into Your Goals
  • Managing Pressure and Stress
  • Perseverance and Trust
  • Preparing for Organizational Change
  • Reactions to Organizational Change
  • Rebounding When Resilience Wears Down
  • Skills for Handling Organizational Change
  • Working on Yourself After Organizational Change

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