Digital Essentials

  • 15m
  • 10 questions
The Digital Essentials benchmark will measure your ability to recall and relate the underlying concepts of digital strategies. You will be evaluated on aligning digital services to organizational strategy and how agile ways of working can help with a digital strategy. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the essential digital skills and can understand and grasp the underlying data concepts and practices.

Topics covered

  • identify the components of the strategic alignment framework
  • identify the key benefits of aligning business and IT strategy
  • identify the operational elements of digital transformation
  • identify the opportunities and challenges digital innovation and transformation present for all functions within an organization
  • identify the opportunities and challenges for businesses as consumer behavior changes with advances in digital technology
  • recognize actions that demonstrate steps in the cycle of balancing focus and agility
  • recognize the benefits of cultivating an Agile environment
  • recognize the five leadership and management style shifts necessary to transition to an Agile mindset
  • recognize the four major components of the compass for implementing digital transformation
  • recognize the importance of the Agile mindset in digital transformations