Java Web Programming Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 20m
  • 20 questions
The Java Web Programming Competency benchmark will measure your practical ability to connect and query databases with JDBC, build web applications with JSP, and build Java web services. You will be evaluated on your skills to work with connected and disconnected RowSets, implement batch executions and transactions using JDBC, build and deploy error-handling in web applications using JSP, building SOAP web services & REST APIs. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills to develop Java web applications and web services that interact with databases.

Topics covered

  • add references to external resources in a JSP page by using the JSP expression language to get the application context path
  • apply a predicate instance with a FilteredRowSet to apply a filter to a RowSet
  • automate the creation and population of a Java object with the useBean and setProperty tags in a JSP
  • build a composite JSP page by referencing external JSPs
  • consume a REST API by sending a GET request and processing its response
  • define a class representing an entity whose details are stored in the database and which an end-user of your app will work with
  • define a web method that accepts a parameter from a client
  • deploy your SOAP-based application as a WAR file to a Tomcat server
  • develop a basic JSP app containing both HTML and Java code
  • develop and run a client application that consumes a web service
  • divide a large chunk of queries into units that can be committed to a database using Savepoints
  • execute SELECT queries against a database using a JDBC Statement
  • implement a join operation in a Java program using a JDBC JoinRowSet
  • move to different positions in a JdbcRowSet by using various navigation methods
  • perform a batch execution of parameterized queries using a PreparedStatement
  • recognize the differences between a JdbcRowSet and a CachedRowSet
  • recognize the power of the WebServlet annotation when it comes to mapping servlets to URL endpoints
  • set multiple parameters in a PreparedStatement in order to run INSERT queries
  • transfer processed data from a servlet to a JSP file for display in a web app
  • update data on a database by implementing a PUT request