Selling Skills

  • 12m
  • 12 questions
Successful sales professionals seek ways to improve the effectiveness of their selling techniques. Explore further to expand your sales acumen. Sales acumen is an understanding of prospects and an understanding of how best to approach a sale. Learn how sales acumen is composed of the behaviors, skills and traits that make a successful salesperson. Discover how to develop a solid understanding of prospecting, diagnosing, presenting, overcoming objections, negotiating, and closing.

Topics covered

  • Expanding Your Customer's Notion of Value
  • Go into a Discovery Meeting with the Right Goals
  • Handling Objections during a Sales Call
  • Key Concepts of Social Media
  • Mastering the Art of the Discovery Meeting
  • Prospecting Effectively
  • Prospecting: Get Your Strategy On!
  • Sharpen Up Those Negotiating Skills
  • Social Media and Digital Strategy
  • The Negotiation Process
  • Understanding Resistance and Overcoming Objectives
  • What Does Your Customer Value?

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