Change Proof: Leveraging the Power of Uncertainty to Build Long-term Resilience

  • 8h 47m 22s
  • Adam Markel
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2022

Learn how to thrive on uncertainty instead of merely managing it―from the resiliency expert and author of PIVOT

In his #1 bestselling guide to resilience, Pivot, business and personal development expert Adam Markel showed how building resilience can supercharge your life and career. Now, in Change Proof, he shows how you can move beyond managing change to actively embracing it―and actually using times of uncertainty, crisis and chaos to create opportunities and stimulate positive growth.

Broken down into four parts, Change Proof explores the dynamics of change and provides a model of how to create the mindset that embraces it fully. Using case studies, current research and his years of experience as an expert in the integration of business and personal development, Markel uses real-life scenarios to illuminate the lessons in engaging chapters that include:

  • The Myth of Balance
  • The Resilience Bank Account
  • Recovery vs. Burnout
  • Even Michael Jordan Paused
  • Get Out of Your Head
  • A Little Failure Goes a Long Way
  • Calm Is Contagious
  • What Change-Proof Culture Can Do for You

You’ll learn how to choose change before it chooses you, what it takes (and what it means) to become truly change proof, and how to leverage your relationship to change. You’ll also find practical strategies in the change-proof model (pause, ask, choose). With a combination of mindset recalibration and specific, hands-on ways to make it work, Change Proof will help you take the art and science of resilience to the next level―and look forward to future and all the changes it will bring, with full confidence.

About the Author

Adam Markel is the #1 Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of Pivot: The Art & Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life. He is CEO of More Love Media, a frequent keynote speaker and workshop facilitator for Fortune 500 companies, and a member of The Transformational Leadership Council and Association of Transformational Leaders.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - How Change Changes Things-and What to Do About It: Making Friends with Change
  • Chapter 2 - Got Your Back: Lifeguard Lessons
  • Chapter 3 - The Change-Proof Model: Pause, Ask, Choose
  • Chapter 4 - The Power of Choice: Leveraging Your Relationship to Change and Stress
  • Chapter 5 - The Markers of Resilience
  • Chapter 6 - The Myth of Balance
  • Chapter 7 - Harmony
  • Chapter 8 - The Resilience Bank Account
  • Chapter 9 - Resilient Organizations
  • Chapter 10 - Left Brain Resilience
  • Chapter 11 - Recovery Versus Burnout
  • Chapter 12 - Recover Before It's Too Late
  • Chapter 13 - Even Michael Jordan Paused
  • Chapter 14 - Outperforming Challenges
  • Chapter 15 - Get out of Your Head
  • Chapter 16 - Mindset Recalibration
  • Chapter 17 - Disputing Irrational Beliefs
  • Chapter 18 - A Little Failure Goes a Long Way
  • Chapter 19 - Happiness Doesn't Deliver Resilience
  • Chapter 20 - Are You Emotionally Agile?
  • Chapter 21 - The 3-4 Method
  • Chapter 22 - Follow the Bubbles
  • Chapter 23 - Calm Is Contagious
  • Chapter 24 - Resilience Is a Choice
  • Chapter 25 - The Myth of Authenticity
  • Chapter 26 - "We'll Figure It Out"
  • Chapter 27 - Self-Disruption Versus Stagnation: The Toothbrush Test
  • Chapter 28 - What Change-Proof Culture Can Do for You
  • Chapter 29 - Connecting with Others Connects You with You
  • Chapter 30 - Breakthrough Without a Breakdown
  • Chapter 31 - Leverage Uncertainty
  • Chapter 32 - The Mystery of Death


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