How To Talk To Absolutely Anyone: Confident Communication in Every Situation

  • 4h 27m 11s
  • Mark Rhodes
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2020

When you're with other people, do you open up or clam up? Are you a conversation starter or a shrinking violet? Feeling nervous about talking to other people is completely normal, but it's important not to let fears about what people might think of you, or what to say first, stop you from starting one in the first place.

Being a confident communicator creates success and happiness. Every conversation could be the start of something new: a new career, a new business idea, or a new friendship. When you clam up in public, you close off all of those opportunities as if they never existed. How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone will help you see conversation differently; as an enjoyable, positive activity that might just change your life.

All the tools you need to help you talk, listen, and build rapport with absolutely anyone are here. Start communicating more confidently today and increase your chances of getting the outcomes you're looking for, more often.

Mark Rhodes is an entrepreneur, business mentor, international speaker, and trainer in success. He sold the internet software company he built from scratch to a Silicon Valley organization in 2001; now he shows businesses how to massively improve their results with little or no extra effort, using the very same approaches, ideas, and techniques that he used himself.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Fear – Does it Hold You Back?
  • Chapter 2 - “I Don't Want to Experience Rejection”
  • Chapter 3 - “I Worry about What other People Might Think”
  • Chapter 4 - “I Hate Talking to Strangers – Why Would I Want to?”
  • Chapter 5 - Stage 1 – Your Outcome and Starting a Conversation
  • Chapter 6 - How – How Do You Mentally and Physically Approach?
  • Chapter 7 - What – What Do You Say?
  • Chapter 8 - Stage 2 – Creating Curiosity and Interest
  • Chapter 9 - Stage 3 – Making a Connection and Being Understood
  • Chapter 10 - Stage 4 – Get Them to Take Action
  • Chapter 11 - Making Your Voice Work for You
  • Chapter 12 - Common Pitfalls
  • Chapter 13 - Difficult Work and Business Conversations
  • Chapter 14 - Final Thoughts