How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships

  • 8h 59m 29s
  • Joyce Bean, Leil Lowndes
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2015

What is that magic quality that makes some people instantly loved and respected? Everyone wants to be their friend (or, if single, their lover!) In business, they rise swiftly to the top of the corporate ladder. What is their “Midas touch?”

What it boils down to is a more skillful way of dealing with people.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: How to Make Your Smile Magically Different
  • Chapter 2: How to Strike Everyone as Intelligent and Insightful by Using Your Eyes
  • Chapter 3: How to Use Your Eyes to Make Someone Fall in Love with You
  • Chapter 4: How to Look Like a Big Winner Wherever You Go
  • Chapter 5: How to Win Their Heart by Responding to Their “Inner Infant”
  • Chapter 6: How to Make Someone Feel Like an Old Friend at Once
  • Chapter 7: How to Come Across as 100 Percent Credible to Everyone
  • Chapter 8: How to Read People Like You Have ESP
  • Chapter 9: How to Make Sure You Don't Miss a Single Beat
  • Chapter 10: How to Start Great Small Talk
  • Chapter 11: How to Sound Like You've Got a Super Personality (No Matter What You're Saying!)
  • Chapter 12: How to Make People Want to Start a Conversation with You
  • Chapter 13: How to Meet the People You Want to Meet
  • Chapter 14: How to Break into a Tight Crowd
  • Chapter 15: How to Make “Where Are You From?” Sound Exciting
  • Chapter 16: How to Come Out a Winner Every Time They Ask, “And What Do You Do?”
  • Chapter 17: How to Introduce People Like the Host(ess) with the Most(est)
  • Chapter 18: How to Resuscitate a Dying Conversation
  • Chapter 19: How to Enthrall 'Em with Your Choice of Topic—Them!
  • Chapter 20: How to Never Need to Wonder, “What Do I Say Next?”
  • Chapter 21: How to Get 'Em Happily Chatting (So You Can Slip Away if You Want To!)
  • Chapter 22: How to Come Across as a Positive Person
  • Chapter 23: How to Always Have Something Interesting to Say
  • Chapter 24: How to Find Out What They Do (Without Even Asking!)
  • Chapter 25: How to Know What to Say When They Ask, “What Do You Do?”
  • Chapter 26: How to Sound Even Smarter Than You Are
  • Chapter 27: How to Not Sound Anxious (Let Them Discover Your Similarity)
  • Chapter 28: How to Be a “You-Firstie” to Gain Their Respect and Affection
  • Chapter 29: How to Make Them Feel You “Don't Smile at Just Anybody”
  • Chapter 30: How to Avoid Sounding Like a Jerk
  • Chapter 31: How to Use Motivational Speakers' Techniques to Enhance Your Conversation
  • Chapter 32: How to Banter Like the Big Shots Do (Big Winners Tell It Like It Is)
  • Chapter 33: How to Avoid the World's Worst Conversational Habit
  • Chapter 34: How to Give Them the Bad News (and Have Them Like You All the More)
  • Chapter 35: How to Respond When You Don't Want to Answer (and Wish They'd Shut the Heck Up)
  • Chapter 36: How to Talk to a Celebrity
  • Chapter 37: How to Make Them Want to Thank You
  • Chapter 38: How to Be a Modern-Day Renaissance Man or Woman
  • Chapter 39: How to Sound Like You Know All About Their Job or Hobby
  • Chapter 40: How to Bare Their Hot Button (Elementary Doc-Talk)
  • Chapter 41: How to Secretly Learn About Their Lives
  • Chapter 42: How to Talk When You're in Other Countries
  • Chapter 43: How to Talk Them into Getting the “Insider's Price” (on Practically Anything You Buy)
  • Chapter 44: How to Make Them Feel You're of the Same “Class”
  • Chapter 45: How to Make Them Feel That You're Like “Family”
  • Chapter 46: How to Really Make It Clear to Them
  • Chapter 47: How to Make Them Feel You Empathize (Without Just Saying “Yep, Uh Huh, Yeah”)
  • Chapter 48: How to Make Them Think You See/Hear/Feel It Just the Way They Do
  • Chapter 49: How to Make 'Em Think We (Instead of You vs. Me)
  • Chapter 50: How to Create a Friendly “Private Joke” with Them
  • Chapter 51: How to Compliment Someone (Without Sounding Like You're Brownnosing)
  • Chapter 52: How to Be a “Carrier Pigeon” of Good Feelings
  • Chapter 53: How to Make 'Em Feel Your Admiration “Just Slipped Out”
  • Chapter 54: How to Win Their Hearts by Being an “Undercover Complimenter”
  • Chapter 55: How to Make 'Em Never Forget You with a “Killer Compliment”
  • Chapter 56: How to Make 'Em Smile with “Itty-Bitty Boosters”
  • Chapter 57: How to Praise with Perfect Timing
  • Chapter 58: How to Make 'Em Want to Compliment You
  • Chapter 59: How to Make a Loved One Feel You Are THE Partner for Life
  • Chapter 60: How to Sound More Exciting on the Phone
  • Chapter 61: How to Sound Close (Even if You're Hundreds of Miles Away)
  • Chapter 62: How to Make 'Em Happy They Called You
  • Chapter 63: How to Sneak Past the Gatekeeper
  • Chapter 64: How to Get What You Want on the Phone from Big Shots
  • Chapter 65: How to Get What You Want—by Timing!
  • Chapter 66: How to Impress Everyone with Your Outgoing Voicemail Message
  • Chapter 67: How to Get Them to Call You Back
  • Chapter 68: How to Make the Gatekeeper Think You're Buddy-Buddy with the VIP
  • Chapter 69: How to Make Them Say You Have Super Sensitivity
  • Chapter 70: How to “Listen Between the Lines” on the Phone
  • Chapter 71: How to Avoid the Most Common Party Blooper
  • Chapter 72: How to Make an Unforgettable Entrance
  • Chapter 73: How to Meet the People YOU Want to Meet
  • Chapter 74: How to Subliminally Lure People to You at a Gathering
  • Chapter 75: How to Make 'Em Feel Like a Movie Star
  • Chapter 76: How to Amaze Them with What You Remember About Them
  • Chapter 77: How to Make the Sale with Your Eyeballs
  • Chapter 78: How to Win Their Affection by Overlooking Their Bloopers
  • Chapter 79: How to Win Their Heart When Their Tongue Is Faltering
  • Chapter 80: How to Let 'Em Know “What's In It” for Them
  • Chapter 81: How to Make Them Want to Do Favors for You
  • Chapter 82: How to Ask for Favors (and Get Them!)
  • Chapter 83: How to Know What Not to Say at Parties
  • Chapter 84: How to Know What Not to Say at Dinner
  • Chapter 85: How to Know What Not to Say in a Chance Meeting
  • Chapter 86: How to Prepare Them to Listen to You
  • Chapter 87: How to Turn Their Anger Around (in Three Sentences or Less)
  • Chapter 88: How to Make 'Em Like You (Even When You've Messed Up)
  • Chapter 89: How to Trap a Rat with Class
  • Chapter 90: How to Get Whatever You Want from Service Personnel
  • Chapter 91: How to Be a Leader in a Crowd, Not a Follower
  • Chapter 92: How to Make All the Right Moves


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